Translation of: Max Linder, Cinemagraf, 25. März 1916

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Max Linder


Max Linder, the lord of laughter, the fascinating comedian, the irresistible sportsman, that soul of intense hilarity the cinematography which he devised and executed with the inexhaustible "verve" of his talent, after a well-deserved rest comes from the green of his villa coquettish and blessed to reappear on the screen, which made him so famous in the good humor of the world. .. The House Pathé, that for Max was uninterruptedly the provident patron, now collects in glory of its theatre, to return him to the enthusiasm of the public, that in these troubled times of sorrow, feels more overbearing yet the need to get a little good blood, by diving into that hour of healthy gaiety, that only Max Linder knows how to give. . . The popular repertoire which has made unforgettable: "The duel of Max" - "The nervous tic of Max" - "Max and the bather" - "Max photographer" – "Max virtuoso" - "Max and pancakes" – "Max toreador", new and more eccentric films will be added, in which the artist has reached the highest pinnacles of his inimitable art . . . The nostalgia of the stage, for about a year distracted Max Linder from the cinema, making him take a successful theatre tour through the capitals of Europe, that made him a welcome guest in our midst, has been completely drowned out by the fever for the screen, and our good Max Linder, product under the patronage of the powerful House Pathé, has returned to the screen all the varied and tireless activities that will take new and well-deserved laurels. (Cinemagraf, 25.3.1916)