It speaks volumes for the popularity of Max Linder that when the sensational, but incorrect, report of his death was received in London, a prominent London evening journal should deem the information worthy of display on a poster. I fancy this is the first time a picture play actor's name has appeared on a London paper's contents bill. I must confess that when I read the report I was rather sceptical as to its veracity, and very fortunately my incredulence was justified. When I saw Monsieur Charles Pathé at Vincennes about six months [sic.] ago I particularly asked him as to the whereabouts of Max Linder. His reply was that the celebrated comedian had been exempted from military service, but that Max was about to place his automobile at disposal of the Minister of War.

   Max Linder, I may mention, used to be a great favourite with the picture theatregoers of Germany, and one of his most amusing plays was filmed in Berlin. [London Notes. By John Cher.] (The Bioscope, Oct. 8th 1914)