Max Linder met with an accident while acting in his sketch at the Alhambra. The rope on which he descends from the flies got out of place, and the comedian fell heavily to the stage. For a few seconds he lay dazed on the boards, then recovering, he pluckily played his part with accustomed energy to the finish. He was not, however, well enough to appear again for a couple of days after the incident.* Parisian Notes. By John Cher. (The Bioscope, Sept. 18th 1913)










































* Note: Again we have conflicting reports on the implications of his accident. While Parisian papers like 'Le Petit Parisien' (9/5/13) or 'L'Intransigeant' (9/6/13) reported him back on the stage on Sep. 5, 1913: “Max Linder has resumed his performances”, 'Variety' (9/12/13) wrote that it took him a whole week to return back to work: “Paris, Sept. 10. ... A wrestling bout replaced his sketch next day and went poorly. Three new acts have been engaged since Sept. 4 to replace Linder, who is announced to reappear to-night.