The enterprising and indefatigable Max Linder scored another great public success on Sunday of last week. Just after the cycle championship of France had been decided at the Velodrome Parc des Princes, and while the enormous crowd was still applauding the winner, an immaculately dressed jockey appeared on the track - it was Max Linder, and the crowd soon recognised their film favourite. A troupe of other actors followed him, horses were ready, and so were the cinematographers. Excitement was intense while the soliders kept the crowd in order and Max Linder acted his play before the cinematograph cameras. The thousands of persons that were present had seen and appreciated something out of the ordinary. Mr. Linder is to be congratulated in giving himself and the moving pictures such an excellent advertisement. Parisian Notes. By John Cher. (The Bioscope, Jun. 20, 1912)