In order to get some further information about the Fragson film, I presented myself at the Olympia last week and succeeded in having a brief interview with the Anglo-Parisian comedian who is drawing all Paris to the well-known Boulevard des Capucines Music Hall. I found Mr. Fragson is his dressing room just waiting to appear before a crowded house. "Yes," he said, "I have acted a cinematograph play with Max Linder; it was he who induced me to go before the cinematograph camera." Mr. Fragson said that he could not give me any particulars about the film beyond the fact that it was a comedy and would shortly be released by Messrs. Pathé Frères. "No," said Harry Fragson, as he left me and made his way to the stage, "I was without my piano that time." Parisian Notes. By John Cher. (The Bioscope, June 20th 1912)