Translation of: [Max Linder], Correspondencia de España, Feb. 3, 1920

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   This hilarious actor of the fashion scene who is now in America is earning the money he wants, as our readers will recall, he visited us in 1912.

   Max Linder is a big fan of Spain and our customs.

   Max, from very young, felt a great love for the theater. All his effort was to become an actor.

   He studied with great enthusiasm and achievement, then he got first prize of the Conservatory.

   Max Linder was also a great marksman with sword and saber.

   Max, advised by his teacher, withdrew debuting at the Comédie and was hired as a second comedian at the Ambigu, where he worked for two years. He then went to the theater Réjane where he didn't get to debut, for having been offered a better salary by the Varietés.

   He then worked in various theaters.

   He made some films that were successful, in view of which one good day Pathé asked him:

   — How much do you earn in the theatre?

   Max replied:

   — Thousand francs a month.

   — I give you five thousand.

   — Deal done — exclaimed Max wild with joy.

   Soon Max Linder earned 50,000 francs to make one film. As a result of a number that Max did, consisting of a boxing match on skates, he suffered a fall, and as a consequence from it they did tremendous operations that put his life in danger.

   After his illness, Pathé came to pay Max 250,000 francs a year.

   When he was in Spain, in love with our national holiday, learned to fight bulls, and even bullfighting in a becerrada in Barcelona, imitating the bullfighter Rafael el Gallo.

   A calf gave several coscorrones; but he was not fearful, and he stayed superior.

   The cameraman of Max took a film of the becerrada.

   During the war, there was talk that he died. Fortunately, the news was not confirmed. Today he is in New York doing a movie to delight his young fans. (Correspondencia de España, Feb. 3, 1920)