Translation of: No ha muerto Max Linder, La Comarca del VallÚs, 2. Okt. 1914

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Max Linder Has not died



  The telegraph brought the news yesterday afternoon, to have died in the Battle of the Aisne, the popular film artist Max Linder.

   It was a sensational news ... We thought it was one of those fantasies and newspaper inventions. We hope that the news proves false, because Max Linder is almost an institution in France.

   If, unfortunately, had been confirmed dead in the battlefield, he would be mourned by the French shop girls, Spanish dressmakers, corny girls from all countries, who have admired in film the grace and elegance of the famous Max Linder. Max Linder becomes one of the modern heroes ... In France he is what in Spain is Belmonte and Joselito...

   Max Linder had fulfilled his patriotic duties, shedding his blood in defence of his country, and that redeemed him from his theatrics...

   We were saddened to hear of the death of popular Max Linder because it reminded us of the many artists who die in this merciless war. As the famous actor, fighting in France and Germany are the most famous artists of the nations at war, painters and musicians, sculptors and poets. And many of them perish in the battle fields, extinguishing those lives full of promise, many without having done the work that would have made them immortal. (La Comarca del VallÚs, Oct. 2, 1914)