Everyone knows Max Linder, Pathe's celebrated comedian, and all will be sorry to hear that he was suddenly seized with a bad attack of appendicitis. He was operated on and our readers will be glad to hear that he is progressing favorably towards convalescence. It is typical of Max, notwithstanding his intense sufferings, that when the surgeon came to operate he said, “I am not afraid, I am used to operators” (a word which in French means both the surgeon and the man in charge of the camera), and of these latter of course Max knows a good many. Then before finally abandoning himself to the chloroform, he familiarly reproached the surgeon for neglecting to have the operation filmed. Those who know Max state that this is a true story, for Max is wrapped up in motography, and is always ready to spring a joke on that subject. (Film Index, Dec. 17, 1910)