Translation of: Max Linder, Gazeta de Noticias, 4. Jun. 1914

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  Suppose for a moment that this slight man, docile and nervous, who has the appearance of an inveterate noceur and a diplomat of a club. but that is actually the most modern of Parisians, had been born one hundred years earlier? What would he have been? I do not know, maybe anything. Say anything compared to what he is: the King of FILM actors.

   Who does not remember the beginning of the movies? No one, with absolute certainty, because this date is twenty years ago. At that time the magic of the first screens, so imperfect it charmed us. We had, therefore, the presentiment of what was to be a day, thanks to continuous improvements, this invention could revolutionize our means of information and education, distracting us. The science and pleasure may soon thank the film for the benefits that they have provided them. Only a few years will be enough for this way of presentation of events to be the most publicized, from the point of view of pure information and subject to artistic point of view.

   There is not the slightest doubt that it was necessary to find special actors for the interpretation of the dramas and comedies of film, actors for a distinguished genre, who can adapt to situations, to incorporate fully, so to speak, and without preliminary study, into the person of the hero of the piece that urges to be represented. There was a school to be created. If it is created today, it was with little sacrifice, and, comics like Max Linder, who seem born comics for the cinema, competed in the extreme, by own example, to give you the unprecedented strength which they possess at the present time.

   It was just enough at the beginning of his career, to watch Max Linder live his ordinary life on the screen, to understand that he would become an extraordinary actor for the cinema. He retained the same verve from then on, eccentric in lower everyday spectacle, even banal. Full of verve that comes every moment from his droll mouth and which stresses with malice and precision the slightest gesture of his hand or lesser attitude of his body, Max Linder could give it an unending spectacle. Formerly it was only for a few privileged people, but today, thanks to the movies, Max Linder and reproductions in a few million copies, will happily show up in the four corners of the world, so to say, since our world is round.

   This contributes to Max Linder winning every year a good fortune, and Max Linder, who is able to represent all the characters in a play, is, however, unable to represent, in life, the odious role of man of wealth. His extraordinary success does not inebriate him. He is at the same time, the simplest and the most delicate and amiable men popular today, because the restless Max Linder knew how to become indispensable to all, and for a lot of honest people, events and achievements of Max are much more important that the Tsar and the President of the Republic.

   And the posters, the newspapers that publish daily the well known gestures, we are reporting that Max does this ... or that ... ...

   That is it, and the joy and the laughter, and the life.

   Max policeman, toreador, clubman, gentleman, it is much more still! He is consistently a man the most divided, he who lives a hundred lives, to our delight - and his.


Max Linder


   Today, the Pathé Cinema is pleased to applaud "Max and the Doctoresse," hilarious scenes of grace and fine spirit. (Gazeta de Noticias, Jun 4, 1914)