Translation of: [El famoso Max Linder.], El Imparcial, 31. Aug. 1916

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  The famous Max Linder.—The famous actor, who worked for some time in the House Pathé for the modest sum of 300 francs per month, has signed a superb contract, which is the general theme of all conversations.

   When the cinema began and not given any other scope than as an entertainment for children, Max Linder left the theatre almost completely, and took part in a drama made for the House Pathé, whose story took place in Seville, presenting the actor a highly dramatic role. There reached the artist his first hit, which was noisy. The last contract he had signed with the said 'films' house, was for three years, upon payment of one million pesetas, but had to leave his films completely finished.

   When war broke Max Linder joined the Army to fulfil his duties to the nation, but fell ill and afterwards was declared permanently unfit.

   Recently he was offered a contract on favourable terms, to become a millionaire. Max Linder refused, however, remembering to be grateful to the Pathé House, where he made his career. But behold, his former employer, who introduced him to the public in the first movie, only offered 12,000 francs for 15 "films" in all, and as between 12,000 and two million francs, that is offered to him by a "tournee" of 12 scenarios, does not fit or will ever suit the feeling of gratitude or any other feeling, Max Linder renounced the offer of Pathé, resigned and accepted the two million.

   From Contrexeville, where attending to the restoration of his health, the famous actor will leave for Switzerland, will return to Paris in September, and after spending some days in that city in October, embark for Chicago and other parts of Latin America, where he has to perform his "tournée». (El Imparcial, 31.8.1916)