Max as 'Apache'

Who is This Apache?

You  should  be  able  to  recognize

   him as Max Linder, the film come-

  dian,  who  is  now  working  on a

   dizzy  feature  film,  “Full  of  Pep”




Max Linder Says “Too Much Pep”

Will Pass Censor.


  Speculation has been rife over the nature of Max Linder's new comedy, “Too Much Pep,” which the French comedian is now making for Robertson-Cole. Comments have hinted so strongly that a true “French” comedy is in the making within the walled off stage that Mr. Linder has come out with a strong protest and, a definite statement concerning the production. “'Too Much Pep,'” he said through his interpreter, “is decidedly not risque, The Americans have a wrong conception of French humor and of French pictures. The former is not dependent upon suggestiveness and the latter are strikingly devoid of anything which might call down criticism. “The one possible reason for such rumors concerning 'Too Much Pep' is the fact that the story was suggested to me by a famous Parisienne farce which, in its original form, might have justified any comments made upon it. But I have changed the situations so completely and have so entirely revised the plot that there is no semblance left.” (Los Angeles Times, Jan. 23, 1921)