Noted Comedian Missing With Girl: Police Try to Maintain Secrecy



    PARIS, April 26. - Max Linder, noted French film comedian, who formerly played with Essanay at Chicago, has eloped. A general alarm was sent out a week ago, but after strenuous efforts by the police of all European capitals the comedian has not been found.

    Acting under orders from the highest authorities in France, the police have been surrounding the affair with the most complete secrecy. The girl is said to belong to an excellent family, and is very young and pretty.

    The comedian's offence constitutes a crime against the laws of France, but the utmost efforts are being made by secret police to keep the kidnapping dark, on account of the possible ruin socially of the girl.

    It was impossible for M. Linder to have married the girl because of her youth, which necessitates the parents' consent under all European laws.

    The only inmate of the comedian's home at present is his former governess, who is now 89 years old and who weeps incessantly and denies the possibility of her "boy" ruining the young girl.

    The governess is not permitted to leave the house, nor are visitors permitted to enter it unless they are introduced to the highest police authorities. (The Los Angeles Times, April 27th 1923)