French Star Found With Girl at Nice After Long Police Search


[Copyright, 1923, by the Chicago Tribune.]


    PARIS, April 29. - The 17-year-old girl, a daughter of one of the principal officials of Paris, who eloped with Max Linder, famous comedian, returned to Paris with her mother and Police Inspector Rousselet today, and the comedian, with nine trunks containing 115 suits of clothes and forty-five pairs of shoes, was arrested this afternoon.

    The heavily veiled girl and her mother rushed from the train into their limousine and drove off, and at their home the butler stated that the family was away and he did not know their whereabouts.

    Linder, taxicabbed to his apartment, left his baggage in care of his valet, and drove off, but he did not appear tonight at his usual haunts of cafes and clubs.

    Detectives located Linder and the girl at the leading hotel in Nice, and many American tourists living in adjoining rooms heard the police threaten to smash the doors in unless Linder opened them, and the girl's screams of fear and surprise when she saw her mother.

    The mother was enraged upon discovering that Linder had bought her daughter long dresses, had pigtails arranged in her elaborate coiffure, and had permitted the child to rouge her cheeks, paint her lips and blacken her eyebrows, and a scene ensued when the girl's handbag was searched and cigarettes were found with the cosmetics.

    No legal action is expected, as the French law does not interfere in such cases unless the parents sue. (The Los Angeles Times, April 30th 1923)