Translation of: Artistas del cinematógrafo, El mundo grafico, 25. Sep. 1912

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Max Linder Photo


Famous mime of the House Pathé Freres



   The remarkable artist Max Linder, of the important cinema house Pathé Freres, will shortly come to Barcelona, where his fans will prepare a grand welcome.

   The newspaper called El Mundo Cinematográfico has organized a banquet to be held at the Hotel del Tibidabo to flatter the illustrious mime in the movie and very happy and wonderful actor on the stage. Just announcing, that there have been very many accessions.

   The festival promises to be a real event, a tribute of sympathy dedicated to the illustrious artist Max Linder, who enjoys worldwide popularity obtained by the flawless execution provided in many movies played.

   The anticipation produced in artistic circles by the arrival of Max Linder is extraordinary. Some companies of our first lyric theaters have gone to Barcelona for the purpose of recruiting the popular artist to make debut in Madrid.

   We would welcome if this news were confirmed, to applaud the great French actor. (El mundo grafico, Sep. 25, 1912)