The "Journée du Poilu" at the Cinématographs. As all the Cinemas of France agreed to the proposal made by the Syndicate des Directeurs to devote the whole of the takings on Tuesday, December 21, to the funds collected by the organizers of the "Poilu Day," everybody considered it a duty to go to the kinema on that day.

   In view of this special occasion, all the establishments organized special shows, veritable galas with artists and music-hall turns. At the Gaumont Palace the Garde Republicain Band played, while the programs were sold by such well-known artists as Mmes. Robine, René Carl, Marcelle Praince, Max Linder, Rigadin, Charlot and Girier.

   Special films were shown. All these matinees were crowded. The list is not yet published, but I hear that the receipts have surpassed every expectation.

   Not only the theaters in Paris are giving picture shows. Most of the municipal theaters in the provinces have become picture shows. What would have seemed impossible two years ago, has now become a reality. The celebrated Casino at Monte Carlo, the temple of high class music, the home of the greatest artist, is also going in for pictures this season. (Motion Picture News, Jan. 29, 1916)