The American admirers of Max Linder will be glad to know that the handsome countenance of the most famous comedian will again appear upon the screen. Max Linder, known all over the world for his comedy, recently underwent a very serious operation; for many weeks his life was despaired of and great anxiety was felt by all those who knew him personally, but he has fortunately recovered and will again appear in pictures.

    Max Linder, the Motion Picture King, as he has been styled by his many admirers, whose delight he has been for these many years, can boast of a glorious past, for although still young, being in fact but 26, he has made for himself an enviable reputation both as an artist and an author. Having carried off the first prize for comedy at the Conservatory of Bordeaux, Max made his début at "L'Ambigu" in 1912 and was afterwards engaged by the "Varieties," where he introduced among other plays "Miquette et Sa Mère et le Roi." In 1905 he became connected with Pathe Freres and has been playing for that house ever since. Recognizing his talent, this firm has made a contract with him to appear with them exclusively.

    Max Linder is pre-eminently a motion picture actor. He can interpret any class of scenario, from a touching drama of love and war to a farce of side-splitting situations. He is also a trained athlete and never fails to score where ability in this line is required for the success of the picture.

    Pathe Freres does more than boast of having great artists - they have them - as the numberless films they have made in which these artists appear proves.

    Max appears exclusively in C.G.P.C. [=Compagnie Générale Pathé Cinématographique] films and we have received word from Paris that a fine lot of "Max" comedies will appear shortly. The first new film in which Max is to appear is "Max is Convalescent," released May 14th. (Moving Picture World, 4.5.1912)