Translation of: Curiosas revelaciones de cómo Max Linder ..., Nuevo Mundo, 10. Jun. 1932

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Curious revelations of how Max

Linder was kidnapped and returned to his

admirers ... by finances ...

   On the occasion of the death of a Monsieur Towbin in Berlin, a Polish who is remembered in Warsaw through an occurrence in which he was the director, and Max Linder was the involuntary hero. This happened shortly before the war.

   Max Linder, whose fame was universal, performed a tour in Europe on behalf of a French film House. Back from St. Petersburg, he had to stop in Warsaw, where he was to appear in the Philharmonic Theater. All theater tickets had been sold with great anticipation, and the representative of the French House had a promise of an important revenue.

   That's when monsieur Moise Towbin appears, he takes a railway ticket and goes to Brzese, where he finds himself on the train that Max Linder is driving in, he is installed in a wagon and introduces himself as the Polish representative of the film House for which Max Linder is working. Having reached Warsaw, they descended at the freight station. Towbin utters some words of excuses about the humble state of the buildings, saying: "The Russians do not want to build a decent station.” A cab leads them to the hotel Polonis, where a room is reserved in the name of M. Towbin.

   However, at the central station his solemn reception had been organized. The ladies who had carried bouquets of roses for their favorite comedian were disappointed, and M. Herz, the true representative of the movie house, pulled his hair, thinking about all the money they would have to reimburse the Linder fans, since the representation was to take place that night.

   Suddenly a phone call is received: "Allo, cher ami. Are you looking for Max Linder? I know where he is, but before telling, I would like to talk to you."

   And the price was half of the collection of representation for Towbin to reveal to M. Herz the site where he was hiding Max Linder.

   You can imagine the joy of M. Herz when he found the illustrious actor, who was believed lost. With Towbin passed away the last hero of this funny story.

   You know the sad end of Max Linder. As to M. Herz, who was then one of the best directors of Polish theater, he died four years ago ...

   But surely he would not forget in a long time, the ruse which M. Towbin used, in order to spoil a business so well organized ... LEO MERELO (Nuevo mundo, 10.6.1932)