Max Linder Is


By Light Rays




   Max Linder, noted French comedian, now making a screen burlesque on "The Three Musketeers," was temporarily blinded by the concentrated rays of two huge arc lights last week. His sight failed while at work in the highly-lighted set at the Goldwyn studios at Culver City. The company was given a vacation until Linder recovers.

   Dr. Francis Ferry, eye specialist, pronounced it the worst case he had treated in his studio practice. He said that the star would not be able to see any light for at least a week. His eyes must remain in black bandages, because if any light reaches them it might cause permanent blindness. This is far worse than "Klieg eyes."

   Linder had never used such intense lights before. As he played his comedy part the two arcs were focused directly upon him. In a short time his eyes were "burned out," as this is called.

   Max is resting easily at his home, where many of his film friends are calling upon him. The first day Bebe Daniels, whom he admires very much, visited him with her mother, repaying his call made upon her when she was "doing ten days" recently for speeding. (Oakland Tribune, Dec. 25, 1921)