Screen Gossip


   Max Linder, one of Charlie Chaplin's strongest rivals, is now a resident of Chicago. The celebrated French comedian, who was starred by Pathe for years and years, and who dropped everything, at the outbreak of the present European war, to fight for his country, has again consented to appear in comedy roles, under an American director. Max devoted all of his private fortune to France, and served for months in the aeroplane and dispatch service of his country up to the time he was badly wounded, and invalided home. It was while he was recuperating in a French hospital, at Contrexville, that President George Spoor, of the Essanay Film Manufacturing Company, of Chicago, closed the contract with him for a year in Essanay films. Linder is said to be receiving a salary of five thousand dollars per week, one-half of which Max turns over to his beloved government. He made his way across the English Channel, sailed from Liverpool for New York, and, early in November, reached Chicago, to begin his film work. His first picture is being made at the Chicago Essanay studios, but it is rumored that, on account of weather conditions, the Linder Company may later be installed in a special studio in California. (Picture-Play, Feb. 1917)