Screen Gossip


   It is nothing unusual for the famous American stars to go abroad to secure pictures, but to date almost none of the European stars have attempted to visit the United States for the purpose of being filmed in an American studio. Truly astonishing, therefore, is the announcement made by President George K. Spoor, of Essanay, that a contract has just been signed by Max Linder, once the foremost comedian in the world, calling for Mr. Linder's coming to the Essanay plant in Chicago to make comedies. Linder is the famous "Max" of the Pathe films of a few years back, though of late not so many of the "Max" pictures have been seen in this country since Charlie Chaplin became the rage. At the outbreak of the present European war, Linder went to the front with the French armies, was seriously wounded more than a year ago, and since his convalescence has been making the rounds of the French hospitals, entertaining the wounded, and helping many a soldier to forget his aches and pains. Undoubtedly the inimitable Max will set up a new school of comedy upon his arrival at the Essanay plant, and perhaps who knows? even Charlie Chaplin may have to look to his laurels. (Picture-Play, Nov. 1916)