Max Learns English.


MAX LINDER, the inimitable French comedian, who is making his own pictures at Universal City, has enrolled as a member of the night classes which are held at the Los Angeles Y.M.C.A. Max's knowledge of English is very limited, and he usually makes his wishes manifest through the agency of his interpreter, M. Albert Petit. His conversation up to now is practically confined, as he whimsically puts it, to the “imperative mood,” and he is anxious to rhapsodise on the sit in an English that shall be at least comprehensible to his entourage, and to be able, if occasion calls for it, to put the requisite amount of feeling into an American cuss word. Hence the night classes, where, to prove that he is a through 100 per cent. democrat in the Land of the Free, Monsieur Linder will acquire the corresponding English idioms for his aunt's pen and the female gardener's cat in company with the humbler aliens who are qualifying for American citizenship. Captain Godsell, in charge of the educational activities of the Y.M.C.A., guarantees, that by the time Max starts work on his next picture he will be able to speak the Hollywood dialect, the root of which is believed to be English. ELSIE CODD. (The Picture Show, Oct. 16, 1920)