Translation of: Perfiles de artistas, La Publicidad, 4. Sep. 1919

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Profiles of artists


Max Linder


  The French cinematography can add to his many timbres of pride the name of this great comic actor, to whom the moviegoers owe many moments of laughter.

   Max Linder is simply a giant of comedy, but a comedy which flows serene from motion and from gesture, delighting without slapstick or reinforcements, with a spontaneous and frank grace that has the characteristic of highly elegant distinction.

   Because Max Linder, creator of a unique genre and insurmountable in his style, is primarily and above all, elegant. We do not remember any player, including laughter unleashed on the canvas, that has seen the aristocratic poise of Max, or to move like him, or who has the flexibility of expression he has.

   If making sense is a weird faculty and difficult for artists, making people laugh is no less so, counted in payment of the merits of this French mime, it is even harder to make people laugh without breaking down the line, nor forfeiting the methods of the buffoon.

   Born in Saint Loubé (Gironde), 1883. His parents, wealthy owners, wanted to have him make a career start in Medicine and Law, but Max threw over tables books and left school to devote himself to the theater, who left later, entering the field of vaudeville,  where the envy of the first figures conspired against him, making life impossible, the lowest machinations made him surrender and discredit the new art, sparkling and easy with what Max, despite everything, delighted and attracted the predilection of the public, for concerts and French 'music halls'.

   Then cinematography received into their ranks the great actor.

   Away from the theater, bitter about the ordeal of passing through the Varietés without large financial resources, Max thought that his qualities could very well shine in the new art and earn him the francs, needed to attain the glory more comfortably, without the burden of the painful economic straits.


  The first film that he recorded was entitled 'The Schoolboy's outing." The second, "The debut of a skater." For each charged 40 francs.

   And these were the beginnings of his career in the cinema, where his prodigious powers frankly had to succeed to win him fame and fortune, that has universalized his name, aureole of popularity.

   French born and a good patriot, he enlisted in the army just as the war broke out, and in defence of his country, without the danger making calamities or lowering his cheerfulness, he fought in the trenches, until an enemy bullet, piercing the skin, left him useless for the campaign.

   Curing of these wounds, which endangered his life, he agreed with the powerful American brand Essanay, a fabulous contract, that he had to terminate early, filmed only the first two films to return to France sick, according to the doctors, without hopes he could return to work in front of the lens.

   Fortunately they exaggerated the severity of the diagnosis then and now, curing and bouncing back, after spending a long time in Switzerland to recover, returns to work for the film, which his supporters, who are legion, are in luck.

   Max Linder is another of those who have done more damage in the hearts of girls, that fall for the "constellations" of the silent theater.

   What these girls do not know is, that Max Linder is not called so, but Gabriel Leuvielle, and although he still is single, he is almost certainly not taking long, to marry a cute Californian millionaire, who has yielded, with the charm of her youth and beauty, the heart of the gallant funny French mime. DON FELIX DE ALBANIEGO (La Publicidad, Sep. 04, 1919)