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Budapest, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Odessa, Warsaw - Nov. 14th, 1913 – Jan. 9th, 1914

"Translation" of: Max Linder!, Szinházi élet, Nov. 9, 1913

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   Max Linder! Is there a more popular name before the visiting cinema audience? No moving picture theatre, which would not show a 'Maxi'-picture. He is not a favorite of one class, he is for everyone. The suburban cheap cinema audience are enjoying the ultimate fun making, as the fancy big go-ahead elite audiences. Max Linder now appear personally in Budapest, a well-known figure of the white canvas comes to life, starting from November 14, a short period of time with a frisky progressive movie sketch he will make the Pest audience laugh. The Royal Orfeum did not shrink back, to personally present the audiences favorite. Troupe of "Love and Tango" in sketches will play, proceeding in the so fashionable tango, will be shown above Budapest in a floating balloon and this amusing idea certainly even more insinuates itself into the heart of the audience, which is very easy for him because he, unlike other movie greats, with the veritable onstage, belongs among the very first.











"Translation" of: [Max Linder első föllépte...] Budapesti Hírlap, Nov. 16, 1913

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  Max Linder first onset in the evening of Friday, November 14, the most complete sign of success flowed down inside the Royal Orfeum. The guest artist had days earlier sold out all tickets. The full auditorium of Budapest premiere audience gave rapture with signs to accumulate Max Linder. The 'Maxi' rave loved 1. Brilliant humor, hilarious facial expressions, stylish, captivating appearance, his speech, dancing captivated the audience. The unprecedented success standing shared his partners, among whom Mlle Darbelle's beauty, elegant toilette and gorgeous dance was a particulary great choice. Sunday, November 16 at 3 pm and a half, with a modest family performances also acted by Max Linder.











"Translation" of: Maks Linder v Peterburge, Peterburgskiy Listok, Dec. 4, 1913

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Max Linder in St. Petersburg



   To Petersburg came Max Linder. The same Max Linder, whom we enjoy and admire at the cinema. Millions of people who have never seen Max Linder, are well aware of his manner, his charming smile, his gestures, facial expressions of his mobile face.

   Max Linder is justly considered the "king of the screen."

   In St. Petersburg, he arrived yesterday, 20th November for touring the theater Zon. A large crowd greeted the King of the screen at the Warsaw station.


Max Linder caricature

Max Linder (for his tour in St. Petersburg)

Caricature I. S.











"Translation" of: Maks Linder priyekhal..., Ranneye Utro, Dec. 4, 1913

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Max Linder arrived...


In St. Petersburg, the "King of the screen" carried on hands from the station.


   Yesterday arrived in St. Petersburg "screen hero", the famous Max Linder.

   Max Linder comes to Russia for the first time, yet, just about everyone knows the quirky, funny Max, who more than once enthralled the cinematic audience with his original tricks.

   Arrival of Max Linder in Petersburg was kind of the event of the day.

   According to our St. Petersburg correspondent, a crowd of thousandth expected Linder at the station, consisting mainly of young people who enthusiastically greeted their favorite and carried him on hands to the car.

   The tour of Max Linder at the theater Zon, causes unprecedented interest among Muscovites, tickets for the first two performances sold out long ago. Public besieged the box office of the theatre, being interested in details of the tour of the famous "King of the screen."











"Translation" of: Maks Linder v Peterburge, Russkoye Slovo, Dec. 6, 1913

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Max Linder in St. Petersburg



   PETERSBURG, 22, XI. (On the phone). For lovers of cinema festival. Max Linder himself came. Hero and the King of cinema screen.

   Coming to a gloomy St. Petersburg is a joyful, cheerful comedian, with a staff of servants, and even ... with a personal secretary.

   Came and immediately went ... to the cinema to see the tricks of Max Linder and the evening at the Zon he appeared before the public in a little piece of his own invention.

   Little piece "Love and Tango" - a sample of cinematic literature, with a jealous husband and a cowardly lover. Lover, of course, played by the author, after having done in the prologue a few puzzling tricks of Linderism: Max in the car, Max on a rope down to the stage, Max aviator, and so on X., and so on.

   Little piece "Love and Tango" was played very cute.

   Hero reaped laurels, grimacing, smiling, - in short, was the same cheerful Max Linder, how we all used to see him every day in a cinema next to the fat guy Poxon, Glupyshkinym etc. The lively little Frenchman, shifty eyes, with frighteningly mobile, constantly playing face.

   For Max manages to be serious too. He can philosophize about the importance of cinema and the perseverance of the French writers Rostand and others, who do not want to write a serious play for cinema-theaters.

   Max also serious when he talks about his hard work, he is contracted by his firms. He talks about his jump into the river, travel in a car on the slope, about cold baths, etc.

   Talks enthusiastically.

   And then he winces of Petersburg fog, humidity and wind.

   The audience greeted Linder warmly and even ecstatically.

   In St. Petersburg, Max Linder was a big hit.

   Will soon see him in Moscow.











"Translation" of: [Maks Linder, kuulus ...] Päevaleht, Dec. 8, 1913

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  Max Linder, famous motion picture theater "star", is currently in St. Petersburg. He resigned at the "Son'i" theater in advance. Yet never been so much audience in the theater as now. Long-term was it still a simple gossip searcher society, intellectuals were missing.











"Translation" [in progress] of: [Kinematogrāfu publikas mihlulis ...] Sadsihwe, Dec. 9, 1913

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  Cinematographers audience darling Max Linder, who with his banal jokes on the screen conquered not only one viewer's hot beating heart and delight in this daily scene war, arrived in St. Petersburg. Of course, that the live Linder is better then the non live, and for that reason, a swarm of unmarried daughters, school girls and married wives, gathered on November 20 around Warsaw station. Waiting for the train is an obligation to a famous comedians. Diverse actors and photographers with their apparatus were situated in the crowd. Linder himself had a spicy welcome and some good happy tear shed at the popular clown's feet. Linder's occurrence of St. Petersburg in one of cinema theaters. To hear Linder would come in Riga.











"Translation" of: Videl li Peterburga Maksa Lindera?, Russkoye Slovo, Dec. 16, 1913

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Did Petersburg see Max Linder?



   PETERSBURG, 2, XII. (by telephone). Max Linder toured Petersburg with great success. But has Petersburg seen Max Linder?

   Did not St. Petersburg become a victim of one of the most "puzzling" tricks of Linder?

   We are told the following story, which would be like an anecdote, if the hero of it was not Max Linder.

   A few days ago, thanks to missteps of a watchman, into the dressing room of Max Linder came suddenly his journalist friend and was dumbfounded with surprise, at the time as one Max Linder lowered on a rope on the scene, the other sat in the dressing room.

   — What is it, Mr. Linder?

   — Very simple — lazily yawning, — replied the artist. — Today I'm in a bad mood, tired, completely unable to laugh, and contractually obligated ... So he adapted his secretary.

   — But what about the public?

   — As you can see, is very happy, and does not suspect anything.

   — And if all is exposed?

   — No one would believe, everybody will think that this is one of the Linder tricks. At this time, the output of the double was over, and bursting into the restroom was the sweaty, tired secretary, strikingly similar to his patron, dressed in exactly the same suit, boots and tie like a real Linder.

   — Successful? No one noticed?— Max Linder asked of his secretary.

   — Went off perfectly, Maestro...

   -- Well, I'm going to bow, — the real Linder sighed and set aside a cigar, and went to the ramp ...











"Translation" of: Maks v Moskve, Ranneye Utro, Dec. 17, 1913

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Max in Moscow.

M. Linder arrived yesterday in Moscow.




   Passenger trains arrive on Nikolaev railway, d. despite the early hour it was crowded, predominantly by youth.

   A few minutes before the train arrives,  several vehicles approached the station.

   This was the troupe of the theater Zon, led by director Bryansk, who came to welcome the "King of the screen."

   Finally the train is coming.

   The crowd rushes to the car and a noise welcomes Max Linder. He is not allowed to get off the platform.

   Pick up.


   Nondescript, small in stature, with big brown eyes twinkling, he is somehow painfully smiling.

   He doesn't descend, on the hands he's carried on the platform.

   The crowd screams.

   Someone is crushed.

   This original procession moved slowly forward.

   Clicking of cinematographic and photographic equipment.

   Finally, the procession approaches the car and the cortege moves off the road.

   Going to the theater Zon, and then to the hotel "Metropol".



   With Linder came graceful young Englishwoman Mlle Mitchell, who acts in little piece "Love and tango."

   Ms. Mitchell and Mr. Linder first time in Russia.

   Both of them are delighted from St. Petersburg.



   — This is a true capital, -Linder says- she is not much different from the capitals of Western Europe.

   Moscow less beautiful, but Petersburg is definitely interesting.

   — I am very interested in Moscow, said Linder, and I will devote a few days to inspect its attractions.

   The Kremlin, from the description, I know well.

   I want to dramatize on the background of the Kremlin walls, some cinematic vignette.

   Now I feel myself indifferent, and even travel to Moscow through Siberia to Japan.

   To visit these? My dream countries.



   Afternoon in the theater was a rehearsal.

   Greeting Max at the theater, a large crowd of curious had gathered.

   This meeting was well staged.

   Valeriny and a chorus girl of the theater Zon, with flowers rush to the car, in which Linder is driving up and run to him through the square.

   Two ballet dancers with the agility of cats, are climbing on the car seat.

   They were shouting something and waving flowers.

   The illusion of "the uttermost” enthusiasm.

   Several wind instruments played by appointment.

   Crackles of a cinematic device nestled instantly.

   It fixed the whole fake meeting, which in several hours already will be shown in all electro-theaters of Moscow.



   The first output Max Linder gathered yesterday in full auditorium of the theater Zon.

   The sketch "Love and Tango" in which he played, abounds with unexpected tricks.

   Max, late for the train, enjoys all means of conveyance to arrive in Moscow in time.

   Film strip demonstrates his journey by car, on horseback and in a balloon. At last from the rope he descends onto the scene. The rest of the comic-sketch qui pro quo Max, forced to play the role of a hairdresser, when he finds the father of his beloved.

   In general, the opinion of the king of the screen comes down to it - elegant mime, having a specifically extraordinary cinematic humor.

   At the conclusion, Linder danced the cute gopak.


Max Linder at the Nicholas station

Meeting Max Linder at the Nicholas station.

(Phot. «Rann. Utro»)



   Yesterday, representatives of many student organizations discussed the behavior of the crowd of students, meeting Max Linder. The question was raised as how to respond to purely clownish student tricks, who carried Linder on the hands. Some of the representatives of the organizations, bearing in mind that the students responded so only with respect, indeed, to the outstanding people, suggested to announce the students who participated in meeting Linder, of ostracism.

   However, specific regulations, despite the heated debate was pending.











"Translation" of: Vtoraya gastrol, Russkoye Slovo, Dec. 18, 1913

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The second performance.



   The second performance of Max Linder was held yesterday with more success than the first.

   Whether the "king of cinema" following the journey, rested or just was in shock, but yesterday all his "tricks" he did with amazing ease. His mood has passed and the public laughed and cheered Max Linder a lot.

   His cheerful mood Max Linder explained briefly:

   - Today, thank God, no gopak...


Onward travel.

   Max Linder from Moscow leaves for the southern Russian cities - to Kiev, Warsaw, Odessa, etc. In Russia, he will continue his tour for a mere two months.

   Then he goes home - to Paris.


"Marriage" Max Linder.

   Max Linder wonders why in Russia he was married to the daughter of one of the Pathe brothers: - The young lady Pata is only 5-6 years old. If I had married her, I would be a criminal - Linder remarks about this.











"Translation" of: «Gastrol» Maksa okolo tsar-kolokola, Ranneye Utro, Dec. 19, 1913

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"Guest appearance" Max near the Tsar Bell

M. Linder played for the film in the Kremlin.



    The stay of Max Linder in Moscow, enterprising filmmakers decided to use for the staging of a Moscow picture with participation of its "electric" protagonist.

   Max Linder seated in a Russian sleigh, upholstered with crimson velvet, drawn by a dashing troika. First of all, Max was taken to the Kuznetsk Bridge.

   Among the parade the appearance of Linder created a furore.

   Ladies waved their handkerchiefs to him, to send kisses.

   The solemn procession headed to the Red Square.

   There they have decided:

   — Max take off against the background the ancient St. Basil...

   Scowls the monument of the old Moscow at the bustling small figure of Frenchman in the cylinder...

   Max near the Execution Ground, where once executioners in red shirts beheaded criminals...

   Near the cathedral of St. Basil sheltered two old women, who live by selling soaked peas to passers...

   A huge flock of pigeons circling around the old women, sat down on their heads and shoulders...

   — Let grandmother, for peas for a penny feed pigeons in remembrance of the soul!..

   This is a pious exercise and Max Linder violated it by his appearance.

   Crackling apparatus...

   Max visiting the monument of antiquity.

   Shows the actress portraying milliner, shave her hair and sell it to get into the theater on a tour of Max, her idol...

   Runs to chase pigeons fly away.

   And all around the crowd, each flattering stare at "live" Max, especially during his work behind the scenes.

  Shooting was over... Max lead through the Spassky Gate in the Kremlin.

   "Hero" of the twentieth century electric enters triumphantly like a winner at the gate.

   Police holding back crowd.

   Max near Tsar Bell...

   With unconcealed curiosity, he looks at this miracle of copper, for a "piece", has broken away from the bell.

   Suggestion for Max to get inside the bell.

   — So it will be funnier...

   But Max does not want to.


Max Linder with Tzar cannon

Max Linder at the "Tsar Cannon".

(Phot. «Rann. Utro»)


   He wants to create a serious picture. He was tired of being:

   — Clown!..

   Bored, sprinkle yourself with chalk, shower yourself with cold water...

   Directed to the Tsar Cannon...

   It offers quite wild projects. Above them laughed even those Muscovites who captured the king-gun, the day Ivan Groenago died, wanting to crush the palace.

   Voluntary "directors" offer Max to charge the king-gun and shoot.

   Max strongly refuses such a "stunt"...

   However, before giving up, Max climbs a giant iron core and looks into the mouth of the gun...

   Maybe in the head of an inventive Frenchman, is indeed "brewing" a similar "trick".

   Max in the snow is lead to the monument to Emperor Alexander II...

   There it is removed next to the sentry - Grenadier palace, a large shaggy French shako times.

   Who knows, maybe grandfather Max was with Napoleon in Moscow and even walked in the walls of the Kremlin in the same Grenadier shako.











"Translation" of: Gastroli Maksa Lindera., Ranneye Utro, Dec. 19, 1913

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Tour of Max Linder



   The third tour of Max Linder at the theatre Zon was held with a full theater and was a great success. Sketch was played "Love and tango" in which actor has done all sorts of new tricks.

   After the performance, in which Max Linder was a great success, in the auditorium of the theatre Zon was held a banquet in honor of the "King of the screen."

   Honoring, which was attended by about 100 representatives of companies and Moscow Electrical cinema theatre owners, was of the most cordial. Toasts followed one another. At the merit of Max Linder was put the promotion of cinema in one of the most difficult periods of its development. In this respect, it is great merit in front of a living picture.

   Linder responded to toast with a small but cleverly drawn speech and drank to the health of cinematography workers, who received the right of citizenship in all countries of the world and progress with giant strides. Banquet lasted until 3 o'clock at night.







"Translation" of: Maks Linder v Moskve, Russkoye Slovo, Dec. 19, 1913

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Max Linder in Moscow



Max and girl student.

(Film shooting).

   Yesterday Max Linder performed in Moscow for the first time, as an artist of cinema.

   Morning at the hotel where Max Linder stayed, some troika showed up.

   Max Linder first swept through the city, then the trio rushed to the Red Square.

   Near the Historical Museum was started by a cinematic shot, but here at once and gathered a huge crowd of curious onlookers. Linder found out, work was impossible.

   The whole procession moved to the church of St. Basil.

   Here played the first scene.

   Max Linder appeared, accompanied by a young Frenchwoman, depicting a Russian girl student. Girl student shows Max sights of Moscow.

   Then, before the cinematograph, Linder began to feed the pigeons. And suddenly rushed to catch them.

   It was also imprinted by the cinema.

   At the Kremlin Linder, all with the same "girl student" was filmed at the Tsar Bell, then at the Tsar Cannon, the monument to Emperor Alexander II, etc.

   Incidentally, posing in the most serious manner at the Tsar Cannon, Linder suddenly stuck his head into the mouth of the gun, which caused excitement among the spectators.

   According to our sources, shots in the Kremlin scenes, are part of a large "sentimental" and, quite frankly absurd comedy for cinema, conceived by Max Linder.

   As conceived by Max, he falls in love with Muscovite girl student.

   She meets him at the station, throws flowers to him.

   Then, in order to get into the theater, where Max Linder plays, cuts and sells the luxury braid.

   After the theater Max revels with the company in the restaurant.

   Here also the girl student finds her way in.

   Some drunks insult her.

   Of course, Max "saves" the girl.

   Girl student thanks Max and says, that he can demand from her everything he wants. Max humble and gracious.

   He asks of one:

   — Show him Moscow ...

   After sightseeing of ancient Russian capital, Max Linder is leaving.

   Girl student crying ... on the bridge.

   The train line across the bridge.

   In the window is a Max Linder and sends farewell handkerchief.

   The details of staging tell mass curiosities.

   Max Linder wrote a long suit for "Russian girl student" and brought the actress Ms. Curran, playing the role of girl student, to despair.

   He decided: Russian girl students walk in embroidered shirts and tattered coat. On the head "Girl student" wears a headscarf or kokoshniks.

   Max could be convinced, that's what girl students in Russia don't have.

   But all the same, abandoning the kokoshnik, Max put Ms. Curran into tattered jacket and made her walk on the snow without galoshes.


Max Linder and students.

   Today in the literary and artistic circle held concert for the benefit student circle lovers theatrics at the Imperial Moscow University. The concert involved Theatre performers of the Art, Zimin Nezlobin, Freeport, etc.

   But the main attraction of the evening is not this.

   After the concert is supposed to be a dance.

   And this ball was promised a "visit" by Max Linder.

   The organizers of the evening are in the seventh heaven.

   — At 12 o'clock in the morning, Linder is expected to arrive, —known and unknown reported with delight.











"Translation" of: U Rampy, Ranneye Utro, Dec. 20, 1913

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In the footlight.



   The celebration in honor of Max Linder cinema company representatives, occurring on the third day at the theater Zon, not free from oddities: one speaker noting in his welcoming speech the "high" quality of Max Linder, his historical role in the history of cinema and comparing him with Chaliapin, boldly declared:

   — Max Linder is popular Chaliapin ...

   In the hall arose laughing.

   Linder interpreter conveyed the content of speech. Burying his nose in a rose, Max Linder was smiling.












"Translation" of: [Maskawa. Maksis Linders...] Sadsihwe, Dec. 20, 1913

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   Moscow. Max Linder. Moscow, not wishing to remain a laughing stock in front of St. Petersburg, held a tremendously great ovation for the arrival here of "cinematography King" Max Linder. At the station he was brought on hands by students, schoolgirls, elderly gentlemen and ladies who, at other times, would not be able to "schlep" even his dress. Comedian was not placed on the ground, but all the time kept in the air. At last the crowd pulled Linder to the car, but also many, not wanting to part from the "darling", attached to the car and running up. Comedian later said that Russian women are too passionate and sweet, if only him being in force and a little ethical, in order to meet the needs of all ....











"Translation" of: “Zhivoy” Linder, Teatr. Gazeta, Dec. 21, 1913

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“Live” Linder.



  Finally, the audience saw Max Linder "live", a Linder, whom they have long known from the screen and who in cinematic perceptions a number, defined as their "favorite". This is Linder, they had heard of. He spoke from the stage of the theater Zon, and even before he could utter a word, already drowned in applause, that filled the huge auditorium top to bottom. They have great confidence in Max, as he long has been called in the cinemas, without resorting to surnames. I must confess that Max on the screen is far above the "Live" Max on stage.


Latest Picture.

Max Linder in Moscow

Arrival of Max Linder in Moscow.

In the center actress, Ms. Mitchell, partner of Linder, left of her Max

Linder, on the right - Director of the Zon.










"Translation" of: Linder v Moskve, Ranneye Utro, Dec. 21, 1913

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Linder in Moscow



In the editorial offices of cinema magazines

  Yesterday Max Linder was honored at editorial office of cinema magazines - "Cine Fono" and "Film Journal."

   To the first he came at 5:00 of the day and was greeted by the editorial board with bread and salt. The editor of the magazine brought "the king of the screen" in memory of his stay in Moscow, the present of Russian bast shoes. Then Max Linder was invited to the tea-table, where his attention was drawn to the samovar. He did long and carefully examine it. After tea was served champagne. The editorial office of "Film Journal", Max Linder visited evening after the show.

   Pathe company arranged lunch at the "Hermitage", in honor of Linder, to which were invited all the Moscow film-makers.


In theatre Zon

   Yesterday in the theater Zon M. Linder held penultimate performances. As usual, artist all the time amused audience, which awarded him a burst of applause.

   Howled a lot of new tricks.

   The theater was packed.

   Today farewell performance and benefit Max Linder. Will go to a new program.


In the bat

   Yesterday's performance at "Letuchey Myshi" turned into a monster performance thanks to the arrival of M. Linder.

   His arrival was preceded by a Balieva trick. Appeared actor on the stage, slightly made ​​up as Linder, reported that he thanked the audience for their attention, but it is not M. Linder.

   While the valid Max was greeted with great enthusiasm.

   Baliev welcomed guest in French. In honor of him, program was changed. Were delivered "Russian Folk Songs", which Baliev prefaced the witty foreword in the sense that this picture should prove who is visiting in Russia Max Linder, we foxes and wolves do not walk the streets as people think in Europe.

   Then the audience several times under direction of Balieva sang "great upa."

   During "hurray" Linder jumped from his seat to become enthusiastic cheering.

   A few minutes later Linder appeared on stage and read French humorous and dramatic monologue.

   The audience applauded him for a long time.











"Translation" of: Maks Linder v Moskve, Stol. Molva, Dec. 22, 1913

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Max Linder in Moscow.



In the Conservatory.

   Yesterday afternoon Max Linder for the second time spoke in the great hall of the conservatory. The program included a demonstration on the screen of one of the new pictures featuring Max, his tragicomic journey to Moscow and a sketch. In the hall were predominantly young students. The evening performance of Max Linder in the conservatory did not take place, because of his exhaustion.


In the Zon.

   In the evening Max Linder performed for the last time in the theater "Zon." In the morning the box office showed off full. After the second act of "Arabian Nights" Max was going down ordinarily on the rope, danced the Little Russian gopak, after the third act, he once again performed in the sketch "Love and tango."

   This time, instead of "coiffeur" he portrayed a "pedicure" and introduced a few new tricks: once appearing in "three persons" - the gallery, in the hatch and orchestra.

   The audience applauded wildly, at performance of the "Tango".

   But at the end of the sketch, Max appeared with a huge wad of cards and, bowing low with a friendly smile, in his usual broken language pronunciation:

   — Accept it for memory.

   With the help of two employees of the theatre Max went around ranks in handing out to the public cards with his portrait in an inscription in Russian: "Hello dear Moscow public. Max Linder" After the distribution of portraits, Max hosted a cinematic session. On the screen was newly acted out Max in Moscow picture "Max Linder and Mrs. Prokhorov."

   In it Max fell in love with Moscow merchant Prokhorov's wife, after a series of qui pro quo Max escapes from place of jealous Prokhorov and everything ends in a common scuffle.

   At the second half Max Linder, to the sounds of carcass and applause, entered the top restaurant hall, where artists gave him a pompous meeting.


Max Linder and "Russian girl student."

   Today, at three o'clock Max in the "Continental" will examine the ready for demonstration of a picture of his own composition "Max Linder and Russian girl student." The final scene of the picture will be filmed, when leaving today.

   From Moscow M. Linder is leaving for Kiev.

Max Linder in Russia.


Max Linder caricature

- So, who won Russia? Who conquered the world?

[Source: Ranneye Utro, Dec. 23, 1913 (russ: 12/10/13)]


Max Linder and children.

   Yesterday Pyatnitskoye children's club during a routine meeting, a boy clubist S. asked to speak and read the following poem:

   We waited for you for so long, Max Linder,

   And still have not seen you.

   Tell us, dear Max:

    «With what did we hurt you?!!

   When Leo Tolstoy died

   We wept bitter tears...

   And now we cry because of Max Linder:

   - Why, why are you no longer with us?!!

   After reading these verses, one of the girls stood up and said that she saw Linder on the Tverskaya street, that he is "not like in the movies", "not cheerful" and "no jumping"... Adult members of the club who were at the meeting, tried to steer the conversation to another topic. But Linder apparently so captivated children's heads, it was not possible to move to the next lessons...


   In another meeting girls offered to send "Max" a letter. After a series of altercations with boys, girls (which are the majority of the club) made the message:

   — "We, the members of the N-th children's girl club (surnames followed), we want very much to see the famous King of Kinema Max Linder, and ask, beg him to come to us. We have no money to go to the cinema, and even more so for a living. Boys do not want to".

   At the insistence of the adult members of the club, the letter was not sent.










"Translation" of: Ot'yezd Maksa Lindera, Russkoye Slovo, Dec. 23, 1913

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Departure of Max Linder



   Yesterday at 8:00 p. m., Max Linder went to Kiev.

   During the departure of the train at the station of the Moscow-Kiev-Railroad, a huge crowd gathered.

   Linder taken from the car again on hands and carried to the train.

   Linder was handed a lot of flowers. All requested his photographic memory cards. He distributed a few pieces and then said no more.

   A lady pushed her way to the railcar:

   — Kiss goodbye...

   Max not without comic, shrugged, but, nevertheless, bowing gallantly, fulfilled the request of the ladies at the Homeric laughter and applause.

   Then in Russian Linder addressed mourners:

   — I am leaving ... I'm "well" sad ...

   Companions of Linder began to prompt him:

   — Very, very ...

   — What is "fery"?—Linder asked in surprise.

   — Ce sont des yeux (eyes), —without him hearing, one of the ladies come to his aid.

   Once again laughter.

   After the third call the gendarmes barely managed to push the crowd from Tronuvshegosya train.

   Linder was on the last platform, waving a handkerchief and quite rightly shouted in Russian:

   — I'll be there in a year.


Max and girl student.

   Comedy starring girl student that Max Linder began playing for the cinema in Moscow seems to end any time soon.

   In the course of the play Linder with "poor girl student" examined Moscow, rode with her in troika in the Sokolniki, went to the Sparrow Hills, etc.

   Yesterday was supposed to be the final farewell scene with the girl student.

   But Linder reconsidered. He decided that the girl student can not part with him. She runs after Linder in Kiev.

   And yesterday, "girl student" - Artist Ms. Carron - went to Kiev. Cinematographically left Max Linder.

   In Kiev, the survey will continue.


Linder and sick boy.

   Shortly before the departure of Max Linder from the "Metropolis" to the station, he was handed a letter.

   One mother used this letter, reported that her son, the little boy was eager to see Linder "live". The boy bought a ticket for one of the guest performances, but he almost got sick the day before and now is in despair.

   After reading the letter, Linder pulled his photographic card and wrote on it in French:

   — His little big friend sends his regards Max Linder...











"Translation" of: [Maskawa. ...] Latwija, Dec. 23, 1913

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   Moscow.  Max Linder triumph. This time a large crowd received the idol, cinematography hero Max Linder in Moscow with great honor. Moscow cinematograph owners have managed the stay of Max in Moscow appropriately. Max was given a proud troika in which he has gone to the Kuznetsk bridge, welcomed the size that will allow confluence. Subsequently, "procession" given to the Red Square, where Max photographed St. Basil's church nearby. The procession then went to the Kremlin, which happened in the Zarasvana.

   The Russian press not without reason call to order the tasteless and the good tact, rather the lack of, whatever appeared at Max Linder reception. Russian students have brought Max on the hands and he is celebrated as a major genius in a place, associated with Russian boards of large historical events. Already Petersburg at the Max Linder receiving, as they say, zirtuse pahri par schņori, but a visa for Moscow even trumps that.











"Translation" of: Maks i Kursistka, Mariup. Zhizn, Dec. 25, 1913

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Max and girl student



  Morning in Moscow, to the hotel where Max Linder stayed, some troika showed up. Max Linder first rolled through the city, then the trio rushed to the Red Square. Near the historic museum was supposed to start film shooting, but there immediately gathered a huge crowd of curious onlookers. Linder learned. Work proved impossible.

   The whole procession moved to the church of St. Basil.

   It played the first scene.

   Max Linder appeared, accompanied by a young Frenchwoman, depicting a Russian girl student. Girl student shows Max attractions of Moscow.

   In the Kremlin Linder, all with the same "girl student" was filmed at the Tsar Bell, then at the Tsar Cannon.

   Previous scenes are part of a big "sentimental", and truth be told, quite absurd comedy for cinema, conceived by Max Linder.

   As planned by Max, he falls in love with Moscow girl student.

   The details of setting relates to the mass; curious incidents.

   Max Linder for a long time composed a costume for "Russian girl student" and has brought the artist Ms. Carren, who plays the role of girl student, to despair.

   He decided: Russian girl students walk in embroidered shirts and tattered coat. On the head, girl students wear headscarves or kokoshniks.

   With difficulty Max was convinced, that's what girl students in Russia don't have.

   Still, abandoning the kokoshnik, Max put Ms. Carren in tattered jacket and made her walk on snow without galoshes.











"Translation" of: Krazha u Maksa Lindera. Russkoye Slovo, Dec. 25, 1913

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Stealing from Max Linder.


(Telegraph from our correspondent).



KIEV, 11, XII. Max Linder told the police that a check for "Lyons Credit" had been abducted from him. According to Max Linder, a check for the amount of 20,000 roubles was stolen from his luggage. Where and by whom the theft was made - Linder can not specify.











"Translation" of: Maks Linder v Kiyeve. Russkoye Slovo, Dec. 26, 1913

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Max Linder in Kiev.


(By Telegraph from our correspondent).



KIEV, 12, XII. Yesterday, on the second performance of Max Linder, the Tsirk was empty. Linder asked the Directorate, why there are no spectators. He explained the absence of the public, is extremely higher prices. Linder said that he is an artist of the crowd and refused to perform until the prices will drop. Performance of today, appointed at the same high prices, is cancelled.

   Tomorrow there will be a performance at significantly reduced prices.


KIEV, 12, XII. Cancelled tour of Max Linder today caused several incidents.

   Persons who had bought tickets were today to get their money back. Cashier refused to return them. He began to look for the directorate. It turned out that the impresario and his authorized had left Kiev.

   The police has received complaints.











"Translation" of: Maks Linder sredi svoikh, Iskry, Dec. 28, 1913

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Max Linder among friends.

One of the most interesting moments of the stay of Max Linder in Moscow was a banquet, which staged for him the Moscow cinema owners. They have long been familiar with Linder on films and its earnings, they were eager to see him "live" and to invite him to dine with bread and salt. The emergence of Linder among filmmakers caused a storm of applause.


Iskry, Dec. 28, 1913

Max Linder (*) at the banquet.













"Translation" of: Maks Linder, Mariup. Zhizn, Dec. 28, 1913

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Max Linder



   From the luggage of Max Linder on the way from Moscow to Kiev, checks of Credit Lyonnais for 20 000 francs were abducted. Performance in Kiev attracted little public and had no success.











"Translation" of: [Maksa Lindera likstas ...], Latwija, Dec. 29, 1913

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  — Max Linder suffering. "Utro Rossiya" reported from Kiev: December 12th Max Linder hosting did not take place. Scandal erupted. The public did not get back the money for tickets, stating that the show will be held at bargain price. In Kiev Max Linder found, that Lyon loan bank checks for 20,000 francs were disapproved. Cheques kept in luggage. Theft was committed in Moscow, where Max Linder was received with honour.











"Translation" of: [V Odesse sostoyalas' grandioznaya vstrecha ...], Ranneye Utro, Jan. 1, 1914

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  In Odessa, took place a big gathering as Max Linder came from Kiev. The public carried him on hands to the car. Gathering of people led tram cars to stop. However, the arrival of Linder turned out to be a trick of the Theatre of Miniatures, to dress up one of their artists "as Linder".











"Translation" of: Raibàs ainas., Latwija, Jan. 3, 1914

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Miscellaneous Scenes




   Kiev sneered at cinema-"Augustus" Max Linder. Sneered.

   Petersburg is his way to heaven, glorified, showered with flowers, so that he even has been told that the two most famous people in the world are - Leo Tolstoy and he. Tolstoy already dead and they will soon forget him, but Linder will live for a long time and so the first place in the world-famous men gallery is absolutely secure for him.

   While Max Linder in Kiev, when he saw the half-empty hall, he cleanly as Napoleon at Moscow, cried.

   But where is the people?

   Sorry, but the people is not ...

   Where students, flowers, deputies, ovations?

   Not here.

   This case gives the newspaper "R. U." seletonistam Petscherskim reason to discuss the "Province question".


P. p.











"Translation" of: Maks Linder v Odesse, Yuzhnyye Vedomosti, Jan. 3, 1914

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Max Linder in Odessa.



  The arrival of Max Linder was greeted by crowds of thousands, barely restrained by police. Streets Linder travelled were crowded with people. A lady, rushed to kiss, was torn away from Linder with difficulty. The guards near a hotel were in anticipation of a countless crowd. A psychosis gripped even the intellectuals.











"Translation" of: Maks Linder w Warszawie, Kurier Warszawski, Jan. 9, 1914

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   = Max Linder in Warsaw.

   The hero of the cinematograph, the most popular artist on screen, known and acclaimed comedian, Max Linder arrived in Warsaw.

   He visited our editorial office yesterday and talked about his guest appearances in different cities, besides, he complained about the impresarios, that dismantle the box office revenues.

   To the Filharmonja he came via the treetops.

   Onto the stage he fell from the sky, from the balloon, where he got after a long, of course, cinematographic journey, travelling through the woods, fields and mountains. He met with various adventures and fights before he could get into balloon - drive up to Warsaw, stop over the Filharmonja and fall onto the stage.

   The hall was, of course, filled to the brim. All "cinematographists" wanted to see a live "Max".

   He stood before the crowd, he said: "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry I'm late," and for this little, French sounding, Polish language he gathered powerful applause.

   And then he played a comedy, where he fell in love with a lovely wife of a husband, danced with her, – great – Tango, for which he received a "thrashing" from her husband, and applause from viewers.

   A typical cabaret comedian, but full of verve. An Artist, more circus, than stage, yet who's reaching the masses – hence the popularity of the international film favorite.


Foto in 'Tygodnik Ilustrowany'

MAX LINDER, so-called. "King of Cinema", per-

formed in Warsaw last week.

[Source: Tygodnik Ilustrowany, Jan. 17, 1914]











"Translation" of: Max Linder przyjeżdża!..., Kurier Warszawski, Jan. 11, 1914

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Cinematograph and Theatre.


   "Max Linder arrives! ..."

   "King of the Cinema"—live—has arrived! ...

   And in front of the box office window in the Filharmonji vestibule swarmed his "subjects." A bunch of them turned out to be so numerous and diverse, which can not boast any famous senor or virtuoso. Impatience before the appearance of the favorite reached madness, applause, which greeted him, took on spontaneous power.

   Cinematography unveiled its power, which, although not denied, no attempt is made to ignore. [...]

Wladyslav Kopczevski.