Translation of: Max Linder, em Berlim, pintou o sete , O Pharol, 4. Jun. 1914

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Max Linder, in Ber-

lin, in a mess




   After the great laurels that the great and incomparable comic Max Linder had obtained in St. Petersburg during his Russian "tournée", he went to Berlin.

   Accompanied by the operators they headed toward the Castle and acted a little comical scene before the cathedral. Needless to say that a considerable crowd had gathered to see the elegant Parisian firsthand. They had employed all efforts for the café Bauer, profiting from the large number of cars that crowded at the corner of "Friedrichstrasse" and the avenue under the lindens, concealing his passage so he was able to penetrate.

   He was sought even by an agent of the police for risking of being crushed.

   The circle of onlookers gathered around the comic and questions and answers were repeated: - "It is Max Linder! What! Further questions? Only Max is able to act that way."

   After Max Linder finished his scene before the café Bauer, and the crowd cheered again, he headed for the Brandenburg Gate, where the irresistible tries to embrace two ladies of a certain ety, which he has been prevented from with great indignation.

   The operator smiled, because the refusal formed precisely the desired effect of the scene. After the gallant Max apologized, he continued his explorations before the Reichstag.

   Down the avenue of Victory, declarations of love to a nanny, who unknowingly, acts her role appropriately. Max thanked her immensely.

   Max, who, for a few hours made a sensation in Berlin, is delighted about his "tournée", although he was not welcomed by the fiery words of the ladies. (O Pharol, Jun. 4, 1914)