Translation of: A saude de Max Linder, O Pharol, 15. Sep. 1911

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The health of Max Linder




   Cinemagoers, that are very interested in the king of laughter and much enjoy him, we offer a reading of the following letter, translated from the Parisian newspaper "Comœdia". How very good the summer was for him, Max Linder beyond the gestures has humor.

   «Dearest "Comœdia"- Do me the great pleasure to report once and for all (at least I hope) that I have not died yet.

   Actually, I do not know anyone who has an interest in making this sinister rumor, but it is amazing that in the last two years so many people already saw me killed.

   My surgeon, Dr. Di Chiara and I, we forcefully protest. I'm doing wonderfully well, from here in eight days I will rise more solid than ever.

   I just suffered the third, and last operation, that was for a long time planned and it was just the indispensable completion of the previous. This time, I hope, is the healing definitive, no hope of reopening.

   I am very gentle, dear "Comœdia", if you ask anyone, thanks to your great publicity, for which I do not send flowers or crowns, because every day I see friends get foolishly alarmed, and I loose many serious negotiations because of this funeral story ...

   When I die ... I will tell you.

   And while you wait, my dear "Comœdia", believe in my affectionate and devoted feelings, — Max Linder» (O Pharol, 15.9.1911)









Note: Exactly the same article appeared in the same paper almost four years later, "The «verve» of Max Linder." on June 25, 1915 with only the words at the end «And while you wait, my dear "Comœdia", ... » being exchanged with: «And this great event is not far away, because I'll risk my skin in the war. I will be ... "chauffeur" in the ministry of war.»