Translation of: Diario da guerra , O Pharol, 27. May 1915

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From Paris



April 20, 1915



APRIL 16 - ... - News of Max Linder.




   For some time there are malicious rumors about the celebrated film comic the Frenchman Max Linder, that he is of German origin. These unexplained news have no place anywhere. Max Linder is Frenchman, and a good Frenchman. He was born in Bordeaux, on December 16, 1883. A gallic journalist was with him yesterday at the military hospital Buffon, where he is undergoing treatment for two months. He made it a matter of showing our collegue his civil status documents. Having been discharged from military service (he has a delicate structure, as my readers may have examined in the movies where it is displayed) in 1903, at the beginning of the war, he did not hesitate in enlisting voluntarily, being incorporated into the service of large missions. Albert Cohen (O Pharol, May 27, 1915)