Translation of: Um dos reis do riso, La Revista da semana, 7. Sep. 1918

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Max Linder no hotel Beaux Rivage

Max Linder photographed at Hotel

«Beau Rivage», Lausanne, with our

Brother Sr. Moacyr da Fonseca



   Laughter also has its kings, and its arrival could not be more timely than at the present when kings are real monarchs of tragedy.

   Max Linder, with Charles Chaplin, is today one of the sovereign's of the comic film. All who, in this sad lifetime, have laughed with him, will treasure knowing that the great comic actor has recovered from the pleurisy that was victimizing him and from which he is recuperating in Switzerland, which is, more than ever, the sanatorium of Europe, although the sanatorium has been invaded by the renowned Spanish Flu, so named for having spread epidemically from Madrid. By the end of July, in Berne alone there were 16,000 influenza patients! In Lausanne, where he is residing at the Savoy Hotel of Mr. Marshal Hermes da Fonseca, the epidemic has reached unprecedented proportions. In Geneva, cinemas, theaters, cafes and even the churches are closed. On Sundays, the priests celebrate Mass at home. (La Revista da semana, Sep. 7, 1918)