Europe, it is said, eats, drinks, and dreams Tango, and in a little time no doubt Australia will have been bitten badly by the same insect. The latest news concerning this interesting innovation is that Jean Richepin and his wife have written a comedy about it; while Max Linder, a German, has introduced a sketch on the London music-halls with the title of "Le Tango est le Cause de Ca." What the Tango intends to do for Australia remains to be seen, but it has already caused the introduction of a weird sort of dance that may mean anything or nothing. As for the clothes that belong to this terpsichorean campaign, they can be summed-up in one terse expression "they're as draughty as ever." The peek-a-boo blouses leave just something to imagination, but very little: while the actual modern dress often makes a clean breast of it. (Sunday Times, Feb. 8, 1914)