Movie "Lights," Israelites



   In a letter from a personal friend of Charlie Chaplin, the movie star, addressed to the Jewish Daily News, the statement is made that he is a Jew. He further states that Broncho Billy (Mr. Gilbert Anderson), is also a Jew and his name is Aronson, as is also Maurice Costello and the great French comedian, Max Linder.*) (The Sentinel [Chicago], Jul. 2, 1915)








































*) Early in the war, Russian newspapers, which reported on Max Linder having been killed, also mentioned him being a jew, born in Russia: "Like his ancestors, the father of Max Linder, Aaron Goldstein, was part of a Jewish traveling troupe". (Libausche Zeitung, Oct. 16, 1914) Eventually Max Linder was compelled to refute that statement and to clarify "We are not descended from Jews." (Rigasche Rundschau, Nov. 30, 1914)