The bringing of Max Linder, the French film pantomimist, to the United States proved a costly venture to Essanay, according to the inside dope, mostly through the physical inability of Linder to continue work, owing to the after-effect of injuries received while serving his country in the present world's war and the demand for subjects not being up to the expectations of the men behind the Essanay “Linder specials.”

   All efforts so far for Linder to recover his former health have not succeeded in reassuring either Linder or Essanay the comedian's contract will be fulfilled.

   When the Linder subjects were first exploited, Essanay appropriated a special sum for an advertising campaign, which to date is understood to have fallen under the ban of the “efficiency expert” who has been looking after Essanay's general interests in Chicago. (Variety, Sep. 21, 1917)