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Un bébé encombrant

Weitere Titel: Sonderbare Erlebnisse eines Babys (D, Ö)/ The Lost Baby (UK)/ Cumbersome baby (USA) - Länge: 185m - Interpret: Max Linder - Produktion: Pathé Frères - Katalog-Nr.: 2245/Juni 08 - Auff.: 24. Juli 1908 (Glen Falls, N.Y./ Fairyland)  ̶  Weitere Auff.: 11.8.08 (Lübeck/ Tonhalle); 12.9.08 (Lille/ Omnia Cinématographe Pathé)


A young couple, whose baby is in the country, send a letter to its nurse telling her to bring it home. She starts out and arrives in the city safely, but being tired, lays the baby on a bench in a park, and while she turns her back, a mischievous boy takes the youngster and carries it down the street and leaves it with the grocer. The latter does not know what to do with it and hands it over to the first woman that comes along. She being very fond of children, takes it home, but her mother will not have it, so throws it out of the window into the basket of a refuse gatherer, who happens to be passing. He, unconscious of his burden, dumps it into an ash can. A janitor finds it and starts down the street to find the owner and, not being successful, throws it into a passing carriage. The occupant being a man, is not elated over the present, and he turns it over to a waiter in a café, who in turn takes it and places it in a railroad train beside a old soldier who is taking a nap. When he awakens and finds the unfortunate child he throws it out of the window of the fast-moving train. It lands, none the worse for its experience, beside the track and is picked up by the flagman, who hastens to get rid of it by throwing it in the sewer. A man is fishing at the outlet and is amazed to see the baby float down with the current. He takes it and puts it in the basket of a girl who is washing clothes on the bank of the stream. In the meantime the nurse is looking all over for the child and beats every one that she comes in contact with in her wild excitement. Finally she goes to the parents and when she tells them of her misfortune they are on the verge of desperation, when in walks the laundress with their clothes, and when she uncovers the basket they find the child snugged up and all are happy at the good fortune of having the little one returned after all worry caused by the nurse's carelessness. (Views and Films Index; Moving Picture World, Jul. 11, 1908)


Sous ce titre, se déroule l’odyssée d’une nourrice rame­nant Bébé dans sa famille. Le mioche, enlevé par un gamin facétieux, tombe de Charybde en Scylla et vient finalement échouer dans le panier d’une blanchisseuse, tandis que Nounou affolée, court aux quatre coins de Paris. Finalement, le hasard ramène Bébé au sein de sa famille dans le panier de la blanchisseuse! (Henri Bousquet, Catalogue Pathé des années 1896 à 1914, Bures-sur-Yvette, Editions Henri Bousquet, 1994-2004)



Szenenfoto Un bébé encombrant




Anmerkung: Linders Beteiligung ergibt sich aus der Identifizierung in obigem Szenenfoto.[Note: Linder's participation is confirmed in above production still.]

Eine Kopie des Films wird verwahrt in: Pathé Television Archives (Paris)



























Weitere Filmbeschreibungen/Kritiken:


This is supposed to be a comedy film and some parts of it give rise to laughter, but the majority of episodes can only cause disgust. A nurse loses a baby she is taking to its parents, and the child is tossed about from one person to another in efforts to get rid of it. The baby is huried from a moving train, thrown down a coal hole, dumped into a garbage can, cast into a sewer and otherwise maltreated in a manner that could only cause merriment among the most brutal minded spectators. (New York Dramatic Mirror, Jul. 18, 1908)