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Un bobo mal placé

Weitere Titel: Eine Wunde an schlechter Stelle (D)/ A case of lumbago (USA) - Regie: (Charles Lucien Lépine?)* - Länge: 100m - Interpret: Max Linder {Vicomte de la Hautegomme} - Produktion: Pathé Frères - Katalog-Nr.: 2889/Mai 09 - Auff.: 22. Juni 1909 (Rio de Janeiro/ Cinema-Pathé)  ̶  Weitere Auff.: 17.7.09 (Saint Quentin/ Omnia Pathé)


This very amusing picture shows a fellow who is suffering from a bad case of lumbago, and the excruciating pains which shoot through his system at every move causes him to wince and turn into all sorts of grotesque shapes. He has a very important social engagement and must keep it at any cost, never daring to let such a little thing as lumbago deter him. After going through all sorts of misery in dressing, he finally gets out on the street, where he hails a cab, and when he tries to enter, he is not physically capable of such a task, so the cabby is pressed into service and lifts him bodily into the rig, where now he is unable to sit down. At one jolt of the cab he falls into the seat, and is compelled to remain there until, reaching his destination, the driver lifts him out and starts him on his merry way. Entering the reception room where all the guests are assembled, he tries his best to look pleasant and he is succeeding nobly until they ask him to have a seat. Not satisfied to sit down, he refuses, whereupon one of the other guests gives him a push and with a terrible shriek he falls into the chair, nearly causing a panic among the fair ones. Finally his lady friend gets him into a cozy corner, and when he refuses to be seated she upbraids him and after giving him a rather cutting "call down," she leaves him and joins another man of a more charming disposition. (The Film Index, Jul. 24, 1909; Moving Picture World, Jul. 17, 1909)


Le vicomte de la Hautegomme achève de s’habiller avec des contorsions douloureuses. Il a un furoncle si mal placé qu’il ne peut ni s’asseoir, ni se baisser, ni presque se mouvoir! Pour comble de malheur, il doit aller à une soirée où son allure étrange provoque des sourires. Il se voit bientôt dans l’obligation de faire danser sa fiancée ce qui provoque une crise terrible. Pâle et défait, il se sauve dans un salon où il est bientôt rejoint par sa fiancée et quelques invités. On l’invite à s’asseoir et quelqu’un le saisit et le pousse sur une chaise. Cri de douleur du vicomte bientôt suivi d’un sourire épanoui: l’abcès a crevé. (Henri Bousquet, Catalogue Pathé des années 1896 à 1914, Bures-sur-Yvette, Editions Henri Bousquet, 1994-2004)





Angekündigt/ billed/ annoncé: "Uma espinha mal collocada" engraçada fita comica, onde vemos o nosso popular Max Linder, em apuros e situações criticas, em uma soirée. [/"... funny comic strip, where we see our popular Max Linder, in trouble and critical situations, at a soirée."] (Correio da Manhã, 30. Nov. 1909). The character name "de la Hautegomme" is again used in the film Mariage américain. * When the film, under a slightly different title "Um dodoe mal collocado", was shown at the 'Cinematographo Rio Branco', the line: "Charge de grande effeito comico, representada pelo famoso comico Lepine." (Gazeta de Noticias, Jun. 22, 1909) was added. According to Richard Abel (The Ciné goes to town) however, Charles Lépine had left Pathé already in 1907 for Italy?































Weitere Filmbeschreibungen/Kritiken:


A Pathe which graphically illustrates the difficulties which beset a gentleman who attempts to keep a social engagement and look pleasant when he has lumbago and can't sit down. Notwithstanding his efforts he is given the cut by his lady friend who considers his disposition anything but charming. (Moving Picture World, Jul. 31, 1909)


A short film showing the laughable experiences of a man suffering from lumbago and his ultimate cure. The character is one that wins a ready humorous sympathy and was fairly well acted. (New York Dramatic Mirror, Jul. 31, 1909)