Translation of: MAX LINDER, Cachoeirano, 17. Nov. 1912

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Max Linder, the adorable film artist, whose work is now universally known and applauded, should be present in Lisbon, theatro Republica. In his company, among other artists, travels the Russian Ballerina of the Opéra de Paris, Napierkowska.

   Everywhere, the tour of Max Linder has aroused the noisiest success.

   Max Linder travels from Paris to Barcelona without passenger ticket. When arrived at Barcelona, was soon arrested, what he had expected, as an outset of extraordinary self advertising.

   Upon receiving the arrest warrant, Max demanded an automobile to go to the police station, and it was done. On leaving the police station, where he explained himself to the authority, getting them to fully understand the extravagant passenger, Max is accompanied by a numerous crowd, which laughed and applauded the trick of the impish artist. This advertisement earned him the success of his tour trough Spain and Portugal.

   On the way, through one of the streets of Barcelona, Max finds a vagabond ... donkey. He wasted no time; mounted the animal and continued on his way, entering so triumphantly in the theater, where, on the next day, the hall filled with spectators, he received a brilliant ovation.

   Apparently, all these eventful journeys were expertly prepared by Max Linder, even more so that these principal scenes be caught on photographs and films, by photographers who took them.

   From Lisbon, it is very likely, even very sure, that Max Linder comes to Rio.

   This means that we will have out there many romantic girls, passionately applauding the artist. (Cachoeirano, Nov. 17, 1912)