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Consultation improvisée

Weitere Titel: Der Gelegenheitsarzt (D, Ö)/ Improvised consultation (UK)/ The Fake Doctor (USA) - Länge: 155m - s/w - 2 UT - Interpreten: Max Linder {Doktor}; André Deed {Baptiste} - Produktion: Pathé Frères - Katalog-Nr.: 2401/Dez. 08 - Auff.: 11. Oktober 1908 (Brooklyn, N.Y./ Majestic) — Weitere Auff.: 19.12.08 (Lübeck/ Metropol-Theater); 19.12.08 (Bordeaux/ Cinéma Pathé);  20.2.09 (Innsbruck/ Theater-Kinematograph)


The best Pathe comedians work in this picture, and get the novel, happy results from the old story of the doctor's servant who takes his place in the doctor's office. (New York Dramatic Mirror, Oct. 17, 1908)


Un docteur ayant été appelé à la suite d’un accident, n’est pas de retour à l’heure de la consultation et les patients commencent à s’impatienter. Baptiste le domestique est un homme de grandes ressources et, ayant passé beaucoup de temps avec le docteur, il pense pouvoir consulter les malades lui-même. Il s’habille avec le costume de son maître et il prescrit les médicaments les plus inouïs à ses clients stupéfaits. Mais un peu plus tard, l’affaire est découverte par le pharmacien et Baptiste, retrouvé au café où il se réconforte après sa journée de travail est durement puni. (Henri Bousquet, Catalogue Pathé des années 1896 à 1914, Bures-sur-Yvette, Editions Henri Bousquet, 1994-2004)


O Paiz, 16.1.11

"Max Linder and Did [=André Deed]*, both sovereigns of laughter and mockery, the first the fine and

serious comedian, the second the mischievous and disorderly comedian." (O Paiz, Jan. 16, 1911)



* "... comico Did, o inimitavel creador do typo de Boireau!" (Gazeta de Noticias, Sep. 26, 1908)






























Weitere Filmbeschreibungen/Kritiken:


A well-known practitioner is sent for in a great hurry, and the case being a serious one, he is compelled to leave at once, although it is his office hours and a dozen or more patients are left waiting in the reception room. The doctor's servant, seeing the roomful of weary faces, decides to treat the people himself, so he disguises himself as the physician and invites each one into the office, where he attends to his complaints. The first is an unfortunate woman whom he gives an electric shock with a hand battery, not forgetting when all is over to collect his fee. Next is a soldier with a sore foot, and after nearly killing the poor fellow by burning the injured member with caustic, he takes his money and turns him out. A crazy man then enters, whom he soon soothes with a little spirits and allows to pass quietly out. Finally a fellow with a very bad toothache comes in, and as soon as the fake doctor relieves him of his pain, the two start out to have a jolly time. They go to a cafe, where they imbibe freely of the luscious beverages. In the meantime the doctor returns to his office and is horrified at the condition of the place, and hardly has he regained his composure before he is set upon by the crowd of angry patients treated by his servant, who all join in giving him an unmerciful beating. (Moving Picture World, Oct. 10, 1908)