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Le coup de foudre

Weitere Titel: Von Amors Pfeil getroffen (D, Ö)/ Lady-Killer Foiled (USA) - Länge: 200m - s/w - Interpret: Max Linder - Produktion: Pathé Frères - Katalog-Nr.: 2308/Aug.08 - UA: 17. Juli 1908 (Paris/ Le Cirque d'Hiver) — Weitere Auff.: 12.9.08 (Lübeck/ Metropol-Theater); 13.9.08 (Graz/ Grazer Bioskop)


This is one of the better class of Pathe comedy pictures, well acted and staged. A lady killer tries to gain an audience with the woman whose charms have captivated him, but she will have none of him, and he is repeatedly ejected from the house, where he has gained entrance in various disguises. (New York Dramatic Mirror, Aug. 22, 1908)


Au détour d’une rue, une jeune femme croise un jeune homme qui s’arrête, étonné, stupéfait, pétrifié et ne s’éveille de son extase que pour lui emboîter le pas en s’écriant: “Elle ou nulle autre!” Avec la complicité de la bonne, il arrive à pénétrer auprès de l’élue de son cœur, sous les apparences du coiffeur, puis du plombier. Mais l’ignorance de ses métiers d’emprunts lui crée mille situa­tions aussi embarrassantes que comiques et dont il ne sort qu’à grand dommage. Démasqué et la bonne renvoyée, le terrible soupirant trouve encore le moyen de s’introduire dans le rôle de la nouvelle bonne où il se heurte aux avances du mari et où il finit par être découvert dans un dernier tableau qui termine sur un éclat de rire cette scène désopilante. (Henri Bousquet, Catalogue Pathé des années 1896 à 1914, Bures-sur-Yvette, Editions Henri Bousquet, 1994-2004)


Szenenfoto 'Lady-Killer foiled'




Anmerkung: Linders Beteiligung wird erwähnt im 'Arcachon-Journal' vom 31.10.1909: "Le coup de foudre, désopilantes cocasseries de l'inimitable comique Max Linder". In der Anzeige in 'Jornal do Brasil, 18.9.1908' heißt es: "O RAIO - FITA DRAMATICA Ao dobrar uma esquina um rapaz encontra-se com uma senhora cuja beleza o attrahe, o fascina, e estupidifica-se ao ponto de subitamente murmurar: “Amo-a ou morro!” Mediante algumas moedas dadas à serva da casa consegue introduzir-se sob aspecto de cabelereiro e posteriormente com o oficio de gasista. Porém a completa ignorancia destes oficios lhe criam mil situações dificeis de que só pôde sair em uma precipitada luga. Finalmente tendo adoptado o emprego de creado é obrigado a sofrer as gentilezas do patráo ainda por ser descoberto, terminando as succesivas scenas comicas em uma immensa gargalhada." ― [Note: Linder's participation is mentioned in 'Arcachon-Journal' from Oct. 31, 1909: "Love at first sight, hilarious absurdities of the inimitable comic Max Linder". The ad in 'Jornal do Brasil, Sep. 18, 1908' reads: "LIGHTNING STRIKES - DRAMATIC FILM When turning a corner a boy meets a lady whose beauty attracts, fascinates, and stupefies him to the point of suddenly murmuring, "Love, or I shall die!" Some coins given to the servant of the house, make him get introduced under the appearance of hairdresser and later as official from the gas company. But the complete ignorance of these offices will create a thousand difficult situations that could only come out in a precipitous place. Finally taking the occupation of maid, he is bound to suffer the kindness of the boss, yet to be discovered, finishes in successive comical scenes of immense laughter."]



























Weitere Filmbeschreibungen/Kritiken:


In this extremely funny picture we see a fellow who can not resist the charms of the fair sex, and who gets himself into all kinds of trouble as a consequence. One day he meets a young woman by chance on the street, and is so much attracted by her good looks that he follows her to her home, where she enters and slams the door in his impertinent face. This does not discourage him, however, for he goes in and sends up his card. The lady consents to see the stranger, but when she recognizes in him the fellow who has been annoying her, she immediately throws him out of the house. Undaunted by this treatment, he tries another scheme, and gets on good terms with the maid, and when madam sends for the hairdresser the girl sends word to the love smitten young man, who disguises himself as a coiffeur and once more enters the apartment of his adored one, who is seated passively in an easy chair, awaiting her hair treatment. The fellow fumbles around in an awkward manner and tries his best to comb her tresses, but gets so nervous that he tortures the woman, who resents such treatment. When she looks up she is horrified upon recognizing her unwelcome admirer, and proceeds to give him a beating and kick him out. Next he meets a fellow entering the apartment to do some cleaning, and give him some money to change clothes with him, which he does, we see our hero once more under the same roof with his enchantress, but this time her husband is a barrister and the fellow does everything to rid the place of the old fellow. He tortures him by incessantly sounding the stepladder down on his foot, till the head of the house seeks refuge in the street. When the coast is clear the ardent wooer again tries to make love to the woman, but he finds her as steadfast as ever, and this time she throws him bodily out of the window, where he falls on her unfortunate husband, who is seated underneath. Completely out of patience with the state of affairs, she discharges the maid for allowing the man to annoy her so much, and as the girl is leaving she meets the masher at the door, and gives him a case of female wearing apparel, which he dons and gets the position as new maid in the house. When he enters upon his duties it is not long before he is recognized, for he makes an attempt to kiss the madam, but is caught by her husband who gives him such a beating that he is glad to give up his wooing as a failure. (Views and Films Index; Moving Picture World, Aug. 15, 1908)