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Débuts d'un aéronaute

Weitere Titel: Lehrzeit eines Luftschiffers (D, Ö)/ The Aeronaut's First Appearance (UK)/ A glorious start (USA) - Regie: (Lucien Nonguet) - Kamera: (Henri Stucker)* - Länge: 165m - s/w - Interpret: Max Linder {Luftschiffer} - Produktion: Pathé Frères - Katalog-Nr.: 1793/Juli 07 - UA: 6. Juli 1907 (Paris/ Théâtre Montparnasse) — Weitere Auff.: 18.8.07 Graz/ Grazer Bioskop); 15.9.07 (München/ Welt-Kinematograph)


In "The Aeronaut's First Appearance," Pathé have one of the best subjects they have yet produced. The idea of this film is somewhat similar to that sketched in a paragraph in one of our recent issues, and there described as impracticable. If Pathés got the idea for the present subject from our suggestion, they are to be congratulated on the clever way in which they modified it so as to bring out its humorous possibilities. The difficulty of producing a subject of this class, and the evident danger to the actors, will add to the enjoyment with which it will be received by audiences. The first scene shows a beginner going up in a ballon with a companion. It soon rises to a good height, but the grapnell is trailing and, as the ballon passes over a police station, the point catches through the coat of a constable who is gaping at the sky, and swiftly drags him into the air. In scene two the man in blue is gently dropped - splash! - into a canal. Meanwhile the ballon continues its career of destruction and hoists up newspaper kiosks, a perambulator with a child therein, a kennel and its canine occupant, and other articles, all of which fall to the ground and are smashed to pieces. Meanwhile an indignant crowd of injured persons collects. The ballon falls foul of the chimneys on a near-by-house and sends them among the crowd of pursuers, but when it finally grounds they take an adequate revenge on the aeronaut. This film is likely to be a very big success, and should be seen. (Kinematograph and Lantern Weekly, Jul. 25, 1907)


Le ballon flotte. Tout est prêt. Le jeune aéronaute monte dans la nacelle avec cette allure de conquête qui n’admet pas de difficultés et… lâchez tout! Il s’élève majestueusement au milieu de la foule. Où ne monterais-je pas! Oui, mais redescendre… et atterrir - là est la question! Le ballon délesté, l’ancre rase terre, cherchant prise. L’aéronaute, balancé dans sa nacelle qui danse follement est très mal à son aise lorsqu’un grand cri éclate au-dessous de lui et il aperçoit décrivant dans le ciel une courbe de météore, une belle fille accrochée à l’ancre qui la dépose un peu plus loin. Un gendarme, voulant intervenir, est happé à son tour, victime de son dévouement et s’élève dans les airs au milieu de la foule. Et vous pensez quelle humiliation pour un représentant de l’autorité de se voir pendu à cette hauteur, nageant les pieds dans le vide comme un hanneton au bout d’un fil. Et de se voir déposer toujours au bout de sa ficelle, juste au milieu de la rivière! tandis que le ballon infernal va causer plus loin de nouveaux désastres, rasant les murs, emportant des kiosques à journaux, arrachant les toitures et raflant tout sur son passage. Les promeneurs épouvantés se demandent quel ouragan a éclaté sur leurs têtes et des poings menaçants montrent le ciel. Enfin, le ballon dégonflé s’accroche aux arbres et notre jeune aéronaute, en proie à la fureur d’une foule vociférante, est lynché par ses victimes. (Henri Bousquet, Catalogue Pathé des années 1896 à 1914, Bures-sur-Yvette, Editions Henri Bousquet, 1994-2004)


The New York Clipper, Aug. 10, 1907

Bereits 1907 der "King".



Aufführung/Release/Sortie: Ad. in "Le Rideau artistique et littéraire", 1907 (A10,N505) ― * Attr. à Max dans les airsWiederaufführung/Rerelease/Réédition: Max dans les airs (1916)

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Weitere Filmbeschreibungen/Kritiken:


An amateur aeronaut makes a successful ascension and is soon seen far up in the clouds. He is throwing out ballast and the sand boxes cause discomfiture for the pedestrians below. When the balloon has attained its maximum height it begins to descend; and the anchor, which hangs from the long cable beneath the basket of the balloon begins to cause trouble. First it picks up a gendarme and taking him on an involuntary trip through the air, drops him in the river. Then it picks up a newspaper booth which falls to the street. A lady sewing is the next victim. The anchor then picks up a kennel to which a dog is fastened, dropping both on a pile of hay. All of the victims go in pursuit of the balloonist. He sails close to a roof top, grazing and throwing over chimneys and smoke-stacks until the anchor catches in a window. The balloonist begins to ascend and the entire side of the house comes off. Still sailing low, the balloon becomes entangled in a tree and the basket comes to the ground. The aeronaut tries to escape but the crowd is upon him and gives him a severe pummelling. (Pathé films [Supplement 1], 1908)


Max has done many things since he first experimented in ballooning, but probably he has never been guilty of anything so outrageously funny as he appears in this film. (The Bioscope, May 29th 1913)


(Re-issue). Max takes to ballooning and for the first few minutes enjoys his trip. Then the grappling iron is thrown overboard, for the aeronaut wishes to come down. But everything the iron comes in contact with proves to be of poor stability and the scenes of destruction must be seen to be appreciated. Max will never take another aerial trip. (Kinematograph Monthly Film Record, June 1913)