Translation [in progress] of: Max Linder a filmek hőse., Délmagyarország, 24. Nov. 1912

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   * Max Linder hero of the film. Max Linder, a name today every decent movie-goer knows. He is the film's hero comedian, who has given us many cheerful hours in the cinema. Max Linder now resides in Vienna, where before interested reporters, he said that he was a movie actor and told a few episodes of his path.

   The film's hero, Maxi in popular language, is French-born. Already in his youth he loved the theatre and although his parents were opposed, he enrolled in Bordeaux school colors. Then he went to Paris in search of a contract and following a long misery, the Ambigu Theatre contracted the comedian. However, the salary could not make ends meet and the great need pushed him towards the cinematography service. The very first action a huge success.

   The "Student's escape" was the title of the piece and played the role for  20 francs. On this the film company Pathé Feres were demanding one and a half million francs. From then on, small fortune for him in his career, performing at huge premiums and is now multi-millionaire. Now, after Spain and Portugal-tour, he came to Vienna. Recently featured as a toreador in Barcelona. It is interesting that he has learned to puncture and kill the bull after two lessons. Recently also learned horse riding because the film "The Jockey and the Love" shall present the most neck breaking equestrian bravura.

   The police are constantly facing inconvenience. He is the most frequently arrested man in Paris. Once the busiest city district has always played a major role in parking space disorder and nabbed by the police usually brought into the guard room where immediately be released, because they recognize. The most location scenes usually develop by chance, because the public - no idea what being a reality - unwittingly playing with them. For example, on one occasion, when he played a refugee, while trying to escape a treacherous egg-merchant he met. The very next moment, the plan was ready, the poor old woman knocked over and the terrified woman, playing only to the same extent, that it is a single conscious falls below an artist could not have been playing. (Délmagyarország, Nov. 24, 1912)