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Domestiques trop zélés

Weitere Titel: Zwei übereifrige Diener (D)/ The Greenhorns (USA) - Länge: 170m - Interpret: Jacques Vandenne {M. Julot} - Produktion: Pathé Frères - Katalog-Nr.: 3369/Febr.10 - Auff.: 11. Februar 1910 (Wien/ Gisela-Theater) ‒ Weitere Auff.: 26.2.10 (Hamburg/ City-Theater); 26.3.10 (Saint-Quentin/ Cinéma Pathé Omnia)


Mr. and Mrs. Goslow engage a maid and manservant, both of whom have been strongly recommended as being extremely hardworking. The Goslows, delighted to secure two such treasures, adjourn after their lunch for a peaceful siesta on the veranda, leaving the newcomers to their work. Sad however, is the havoc caused by the energetic and overzealous servants during the forty winks enjoyed by their master and mistress. The family oil paintings are vigorously scrubbed with soap and water, and a handsome clock also receives a bath. The maid polishes the pots and pans until holes appear, and the man breaks through the floor whilst scrubbing it with unnecessary force. Washing the linen results in its total unfitness for further use, and cleaning the floor of the kitchen means nothing less than inundating it with water to these raw country servants, who evidently do not believe in doing things by halves. When Mrs. Goslow comes to pass her housewifely eye over the labors of her new acquisitions, her horror gives vent to loud cries which bring her husband to her side. He, on his part, is unpleasantly surprised by falling through the hole in the flooring. Upon regaining more stable ground be opens the kitchen door, receives a bucket of water full in the face, and speechless with anger, bundles both servants out, neck and crop. (Moving Picture World, 16.4.1910)


Les époux Julot viennent d’engager un ménage de domestiques venant de la campagne et font paisiblement leur sieste tandis que la nouvelle bonne et le nouveau valet vaquent à leurs occupations. Tous deux s’appliquent avec une ardeur de néophyte à astiquer l’appartement. Ils savonnent les tableaux, la pendule, jettent des baquets d’eau aux murs… Et je te frotte et je t’astique! Tant et si bien que M. et Mme en passant l’inspection trouvent le linge en pièce, les tableaux sans peinture, le parquet démoli, offrant un trou béant où s’engouffre Monsieur. Furieux, les époux Julot jettent à la porte ces domestiques zélés qui ne comprennent pas. (Henri Bousquet, Catalogue Pathé des années 1896 à 1914, Bures-sur-Yvette, Editions Henri Bousquet, 1994-2004)



Ad. Jornal do Recife, 21.5.1910

"The Max Linder - King of mockery on the screen of «PATHE'» - Laughing in excess!!!"

(Details of ad. for the CINEMA PATHE in "Jornal do Recife", May 21, 1910)

Szene aus 'Domestiques trop zélés'

Szenenfoto [Quelle: Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé]


Anmerkung: Obwohl Zeitungen aus dem Brasil. RECIFE (z.B.: "Jornal do Recife, 21.5. und 12.11.10" und "Pequeno Jornal, 20.5.10") Max Linder als Schauspieler in diesem Film identifizieren, zeigt ein überliefertes Aushangfoto, dass er sich zumindest nicht unter den vier Hauptpersonen der Handlung befindet. ― [Note: Although newspapers from the Brazil. RECIFE (e.g.: "Jornal do Recife, May 21, and Nov. 12, 1910" and Pequeno Jornal, May 20, 1910") identifiy Max Linder as actor in this film, a surviving lobby card indicates, that he is at least not among the four main characters.]



















Weitere Filmbeschreibungen/Kritiken:


The comedy releases Monday last all had a fit, and fought against comedy. This one of Pathe's to fill his quota of 1,000 feet for the day was no exception. After the reel had been run off, no one knew what it had been about, and no one laughed. SIME [Silverman]. (Variety, Apr. 23, 1910)