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Hollywood as it is ?

Weitere Titel: Hollywood Snapshots (Archivtitel) - Regie: Reginald E. Lyons?, Victor Milner? - Kamera: Reginald E. Lyons?, Victor Milner? - L舅ge: 1 reel - s/w - Interpret: Max Linder, Carter De Haven, Katherine McGuire, Viola Dana, Alta Allen, Jack Kerrigan, Owen Moore, Pal {der Hund}, u.a. - Produktion: Hodkinson? - Verleih: Universal?


The picture is one full reel in length and is titled "Hollywood As It Is." Messrs. Lyons and Milner photographed, directed and titled the film and they have made of it the strongest argument in favour of Hollywood that could be imagined. Those people who have pictured Hollywood as a sort of border town like Bill Hart's "Hell's Hinges" are in for a rude shock when they glimpse this panorama of beauty, sunshine, art and nature in God's big out-of-doors. (American Cinematographer, Mar. 1, 1922)




Hollywood Snapshots

Max Linder in topical short (Archive title: 'Hollywood Snapshots')



Anmerkung: Anders als von Charles Stepczyk (Paramount Archives) in "Hodkinson, Hays and Hollywood (1921-1922)" vermutet, wurde der Film bereits VOR Hayes' Ankunft (am 25.7.22) begonnen, denn bereits Ende Mai 1922 hatte Max Linder Hollywood in Richtung New York verlassen. Am 5. Juli kehrt er mit der PARIS nach Frankreich zurck. Der Titel 'Hollywood Snapshots' ist in Originalquellen nicht nachzuweisen, wahrscheinlich wurde er unter einem anderen Titel verffentlicht. Mglicherweise unter dem Titel "Hollywood as it is"? ― [Note: Contrary to assumption by Charles Stepczyk (Paramount Archives) in his essay "Hodkinson, Hays and Hollywood (1921-1922)", work on the short already began BEFORE Hayes' arrival (on July 25th 1922), because already by the end of May 1922, Max Linder had left Hollywood for New York. He returns to France on July 5th, with the liner PARIS. The title 'Hollywood Snapshots' can not be found in original sources, it was probably released under a different title. Possibly under the title "Hollywood as it is"?

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