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Maks i Kursistka (/Max et étudiants russes)

Weitere Titel: Max Linder in Moskau/ Maksis Linders Maskawâ* - Szenario: Max Linder - s/w - Interpreten: Max Linder, Mlle. Carron (?) - Produktion: ? - Auff.: 2. Januar 1914 (Riga/ Teatris "Zeppelins")


As conceived by Max, he falls in love with Muscovite girl student. She meets him at the station, throws flowers to him. Then, in order to get into the theater, where Max Linder plays, cuts and sells the luxury braid. After the theater Max revels with the company in the restaurant. Here also the girl student finds her way in. Some drunks insult her. Of course, Max "saves" the girl. Girl student thanks Max and says, that he can demand from her everything he wants. Max humble and gracious. He asks of one: — Show him Moscow ... After sightseeing of ancient Russian capital, Max Linder is leaving. Girl student crying ... on the bridge. (Synopsis of 'Maks i Kursistka' in: Russkoye Slovo, Dec. 19, 1913)


Anzeige Rigasche Rundschau

"Rigasche Rundschau", 2.1.1914 [/20.12.13]



* Es konnte noch nicht bestätigt werden, ob es sich bei "Max Linder in Moskau/ Maksis Linders Maskawâ" tatsächlich um "Maks i (russkaya) Kursistka" handelt. — * It has not yet been confirmed whether "Max Linder in Moskau/ Maksis Linders Maskawâ" is indeed "Maks i Kursistka".