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Le mari de la doctoresse

Weitere Titel: Der Gatte der Frau Doktor (Ö)/ Lady doctor’s husband (UK, USA) - Länge: 185m - s/w - Interpret: Max Linder {Ehemann} - Produktion: Pathé Frères - Katalog-Nr.: 1919/Dez.07 — Auff.: 1. November 1907 (Saint-Quentin/ Omnia) — Weitere Auff.: 19.1.08 (Wien/Floridsdorfer Biograph-Theater); 1.2.08 (Lübeck/ Metropol-Theater)


A gentleman stops on the street to pet a parrot and is bitten on the finger. A female doctor administers to the injured digit. She is so pretty and captivating that the man submits willingly to the treatment, and finds himself in love with her. When she is finished she accepts his thanks in a businesslike way and walks ahead, but he follows her and discovers where she lives. Later, with his bandaged finger, he is ringing her door bell and he is ushered into the torture chamber. Here the pretty doctor again administers to him, but while she does so he persists in telling her about another ailment troubling him. Before she can realize it he has proposed, and he is so handsome and dashing that she accepts him. The next scene breaches the courtship and she is seen in a bride's veil, he the groom. As he is alone with her, her maid enters and tells her of waiting patients. She leaves him abruptly and goes to attend to her business. He does not exactly like the idea but must submit. Now is shown how his young wife has not time enough to love him. Whenever he begins to bother her for attention she turns upon him severely and he can say naught. He sees her occupied with sick people, dabbling with wounds, etc., as if he does not exist. At dinner she eats quickly, denies him his wine and leaves him without any kiss. He sees a man enter her office and he suspects. Watching through the keyhole, he witnesses how she places her hands on his person, but does not understand that it is only in a professional capacity, and in a fit of jealous rage he bursts into the room. She promptly ejects him, however, and proceeds with her patient. In the last scene she is at study and he is bothering her for some evidence of attention. Again and again she puts him off, and finally seats him in a chair and places in his lap a basket full of socks for darning. She puts a needle in his hand and orders him to darn and then resumes her studies. A close range view shows him diligently at work plying the needle. (Views and Films Index, Jan. 18, 1908; Pathé films [Supplement 1], 1908)


Un jeune homme fait la connaissance d’une jeune doctoresse. Il l’épouse. Mais le soir des noces, elle est appelée en consultation. Plus tard, elle l’empêche de boire du vin et lui impose de l’eau. On laisse le bébé dans les bras du mari pendant que la doctoresse ausculte la mère. Le bébé s’oublie sur le pauvre mari. Plus tard, aidant safemme à faire une piqûre, il s’évanouit en voyant le sang. Un autre jour, jaloux, il veut chasser un jeune homme trop entreprenant. Il se fait jeter dehors par Madame. Enfin pour comble, elle lui donne une corbeille de chaussettes trouées et du fil en lui disant: “Raccommode tes chaussettes.” Et celui-ci pense “Ah, si j’avais su!” (Henri Bousquet, Catalogue Pathé des années 1896 à 1914, Bures-sur-Yvette, Editions Henri Bousquet, 1994-2004)



Szenenfoto Le mari de la doctoresse




Descripção dos quadros: 1° O amor subito; 2° Consultas; 3° Declaração do amor; 4° Enfim só; 5° Contratempo; 6° Tudo não é rosa; 7° Nervos muito sensiveis; 8° Ciume; 9° Humilhação e 10° Ah! si isso era a recomeçar. (Jornal do Brasil, 21.3.1908) ― 'O Marido da Doutora', scena comica de actualidade. Esta fita, de um comico irresistivel, mostra como os homens devem ser cautelosos na escolha de sua esposa. Cada qual deve sempre procurar a sua companheira na sua propria classe e profissão. Quem quer boa dona de casa não deve casar com boa medica é o que mostra esta fita, de concepção artistica da casa Pathé Frères. (Gazeta de Noticias, 8.1.1908) TRANSLATION: [Description of tables: 1° Sudden Love; 2° Consultation; 3° Declaration of love; 4° Finally alone; 5° Setback; 6° All is not roses; 7° Very sensitive nerves; 8° Jealousy; 9° Humiliation and 10° Oh! That's the new beginning. (Jornal do Brasil, Mar. 21, 1908) ― 'The Husband of the Doctoresse', comical scene of today. This film, of an irresistible humour, shows how men should be cautious in choosing their wife. Each one should always look for his companion in his own class and profession. Who wants a good housewife should not marry a good doctor is what this film shows, by the artistic concept of the House Pathé Frères. (Gazeta de Noticias, Jan. 8, 1908)] Remake 1914: Max et la doctoresse.