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Un mari peu veinard

Weitere Titel: Ein Ehemann der Pech hat (D), Das Pech des Gatten (Ö)/ The hapless hubby (USA) - Länge: 170m - s/w - Interpret: Max Linder - Produktion: Pathé Frères - Katalog-Nr.: 2328/Sept. 08 - UA: Juli 1908 (Paris/ Omnia Pathé) — Weitere Auff.: 17.10.08 (Lübeck/ Metropol-Theater); 27.12.08 (Innsbruck/ Theater-Kinematograph)


The French film makers have a way of basing their comedy on the infidelity of a wife. The best of all jokes in the French mind appears to be when an unsuspecting husband is being made a fool of by his wife and her lover. This sort of thing, however, is not nearly so funny on this side of the water, and, in fact, is strongly objected to in many quarters. The Pathe Company would do well to cut it out. The Hapless Hubby is a subject of this case, although it is well acted and constructed. (New York Dramatic Mirror, Sep. 5, 1908)


Monsieur part en voyage. Madame l’aide à faire sa valise. Mais alors que le mari sort par une porte, l’amant de Madame entre par une autre. Alerte! Monsieur revient, il a oublié quelque chose. L’amant plonge derrière la table! Enfin Monsieur s’en va. Il revient encore une fois mais comme il a oublié sa clef, il ne peut entrer. Il regarde par le trou de la serrure et voit son infortune! Il redescend, va chercher une échelle, l’applique sur le mur et… au moment où il s’apprête à grimper, il est arrêté par deux agents qui le prennent pour un voleur et l’emmènent au poste. Les deux amants sortent. Deux voleurs qui pas­saient par là, voyant l’échelle, en profitent pour pénétrer dans l’appartement. Monsieur, relâché, revient et, ayant retrouvé sa clef, rentre chez lui. Hélas! les deux voleurs l’attrapent et le ligotent sur le fauteuil, puis ils s’enfuient. Un commissionnaire arrive peu après; délivre notre homme et lui remet une lettre qui lui annonce qu’il est licencié pour n’avoir pas pris son travail! (scénario d’après vision) [Henri Bousquet, Catalogue Pathé des années 1896 à 1914, Bures-sur-Yvette, Editions Henri Bousquet, 1994-2004]




Anmerkung: ... in 'Gazeta de Noticias, 16.10.1908': "Marido caipora - Jocosa composição representada por Max Linder, Artisol e alguns comicos do elenco Pathé. O cumulo da infelicidade a um infeliz marido que é logrado, roubado, espancado e ainda perde o emprego! Infelicidades! Caiporismo negro! Tranquilidade impossivel! Successo inenarravel da excentricidade comica!". [Note: ... in 'Gazeta de Noticias, Oct. 16, 1908': "Unlucky husband - Playful composition represented by Max Linder, and some comical artists of the Pathé stock. The heap of unhappiness to an unhappy husband who achieves to be robbed, beaten and even loses his job! Hard luck! Black misfortune! Tranquility is impossible! Undescribable success of eccentric humor."]

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Weitere Filmbeschreibungen/Kritiken:


An old man is making preparations to go on a journey, and his young and beautiful wife is assisting and hurrying him out of the way, for she is expecting her affinity. As the old fellow steps out of the room the young lover arrives, and the wife hides him under the table till the coast is clear. The old fellow leaves but from the look on his wife's face he judges that there is something on her mind, and he becomes suspicious. He gets outside of the door and makes a noise with his feet to mislead her and make her think that he has gone down the stairs, but instead he peers through the keyhole, and, to his horror, sees his wife and the young man greet each other very affectionately. He hits upon a scheme whereby he will catch them unawares and have revenge. He hastens to the street and spies a ladder belonging to a window cleaner, and going over, he takes it and carries it to his house and is about to climb in through his window when the owner of the ladder and a couple of policemen come along, and after a hard struggle, arrest the unfortunate husband as a burglar. In the meantime the wife and her friend hear the commotion, and peering out of the window, see the cause of all the trouble, and availing themselves of the opportunity, escape from the house and elope. When the husband is brought before the magistrate, he has a hard time explaining the situation but finally, after convincing the officer that he is telling the truth, he is allowed to go and he starts back home, vowing vengeance. Upon entering his apartment he is set upon by two burglars and bound hand and foot and left to his fate while they escape with all the valuables. A messenger enters and releases him and hands him a note stating that he lost his position for neglect of duty in not making the intended trip. (Views and Films Index; Moving Picture World, Aug. 29, 1908)