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Max et sa belle-mère

Weitere Titel: Max und seine Schwiegermutter (Ö)/ Max's mother-in-law loves sport, Max gets too much mother-in-law, Max's revenge (UK, 3. Teile)/ Max and his mother-in-law (USA) - Regie: Max Linder - Szenario: Max Linder - Länge: 590m - s/w - Interpreten: Max Linder {Max}; Pâquerette {Schwiegermutter} - Produktion: Pathé Frères - Katalog-Nr.: 6847/Sept.14 - Drehort: Mont Blanc, Chamonix - UA: 31. August 1914 (Turin/ Cinema Splendor) ­— Weitere Auff.: 5.10.14 (Budapest/ Corso); 8.1.15 (Paris/ Ciné Max Linder)


Max Linder is featured in this two-part farce-comedy taken in the beautiful region around Chamonix, Switzerland, and we are free to say that it was one of the funniest offerings of this nature that we have ever seen. A young man newly married has great difficulty in getting rid of his mother-in-law, she even going so far as to accompany them on their honeymoon. They go to the Swiss Mountain resort. The things that that poor mother-in-law is made to do are legion, and all of them funny, including a session on the ice, a catastrophe on the coasting hill, and an extremely exciting and ludicrous performance on skis. She is so battered up by this latter performance that she is forced to receive medical attention, and the lovers are at last able to have some time to themselves. To attempt to describe the excruciatingly funny action would be a farce. It is one of those pictures that is so funny that it has to be seen to be appreciated, and is sure to bring down the house wherever shown. (The New York Dramatic Mirror, Aug. 4, 1915)


Max vient de se marier, mais il ne peut rester seul avec sa jeune femme car belle-maman est toujours là, dans la chambre à coucher, dans la salle à manger, dans la cuisine, dans les escaliers, sur le quai de la gare, tant et si bien que Max reste seul dans le compartiment tandis que sa femme et sa belle-mère restent sur le quai. À la station suivante, Max descend et revient en suivant les rails. Il est obligé d’emmener belle-maman, car sa femme ne veut se séparer ni de l’un, ni de l’autre. Ils arrivent à Chamonix. Le lendemain, leçon de patinage au cours de laquelle Max et la belle-mère font des chutes diverses. Le lendemain, leçon de luge! Belle-maman arrive sur son postérieur! Idem avec des skis. Belle-maman disparaît même dans un trou de neige avec ses deux pieds qui dépassent seuls. Max la tire de ce mauvais pas. Enfin tout rentre dans l’ordre et tout le monde revient à Paris. (Henri Bousquet, Catalogue Pathé des années 1896 à 1914, Bures-sur-Yvette, Editions Henri Bousquet, 1994-2004)




Anmerkung: Dieser Film ist kein Remake von Max et sa belle-mère (1911), sondern folgt einem abweichenden Handlungsablauf. [Note: Not a remake of Max et sa belle-mère (1911), but follows a differing storyline.]

Eine Kopie des Films wird verwahrt in: Archives du Film du CNC (Bois d'Arcy), Cinémathèque Québecoise (Montreal), Cineteca del Friuli (Gemona), Filmoteca Espanola (Madrid), bfi/National Film and Television Archive (London), Academy Film Archive (Beverly Hills), Pathé Television Archives (Paris), Lobster Films (Paris), Filmoteca de la UNAM (Mexico) Der Film wurde veröffentlicht auf DVD "The Comedy of Max Linder" (Max and His Mother-in-law, 1912, 24:16) Der Film wurde veröffentlicht auf Blu-ray/DVD "Le cinéma de Max Linder" (1915, 27:47) Ein Ausschnitt des Films ist enthalten in: L'homme au chapeau de soie (Dokumentation, 1983); Le Temps de Max (TV-Dokumentation, 2000).





















Weitere Filmbeschreibungen/Kritiken:


Max's Mother-in-law Loves Sport. - Knockabout farce of a very broad nature, but undeniably funny. Apart from the ever-welcome humour of Max Linder, the film has considerable pictorial charm, being set amidst scenes of great beauty at an Alpine winter resort. The finish is too abrupt. (The Bioscope, Sept. 24th 1914)

Max Gets Too Much Mother-in-law. - The young couple simply cannot get rid of her, despite all the blandishments and schemes of Max. In desperation, the couple finally run away, only to be pulled out of the train and forced to return with the ogress. (The Bioscope, Oct. 1st 1914)

Max's Revenge. - Another amusing adventure on the part of Max and his ungainly mother-in-law, set amidst the wonderful scenery of an Alpine winter resort. The mother-in-law's wild antics provide the major portion of the fun, as Mr. Linder himself does not have a great deal of opportunity. There is no plot to speak of, but it is all quite humorous. (The Bioscope, Oct. 22nd 1914)


The Pathe Exchange, Inc. has at least one comedy gem for its forthcoming program, and that is “Max and His Mother-in-law,” a two-part production with Max Linder and two feminine members of the Pathe European Stock Company. Max's mother-in-law, according to the picture, is very large and very fat, and very clinging. Max himself is somewhat small in proportion. Max's wife is a dutiful daughter, and insists on humoring Mamma's every wish, even to the taking her along as accessory baggage on the honeymoon, which brings them to the mountains, where skating, bob-sledding, and skiing are the chief methods of recreation. There is a great deal to be told about what happened that really baffles description, and against which anything that the ordinary imagination could conjure up would fade into insignificance. The grand finale comes when Mother-in-law dons the skies, and son-in-law gives her a gentle (?) start down the incline. This once she is forced to take to the road alone. A road which ends after a leap over a housetop in almost complete, head-foremost immersion in a snow bank, with only a pair of fat lower extremities mounted by a pair of skiis to mark the spot. Scarcely less amusing is the removal of Mother-in-law by Max and the faithful wife and daughter, from the snow bank to the railway train, which is at first believed to be the best method of transportation, but which is obliged to be supplemented by a horse tied to the rear end of the train, upon which Mother-in-law and one remaining ski are placed with much difficulty. And the end of it all is when the horse breaks loose and runs off with his burden to his stable. Margaret T. MacDonald (Moving Picture World, Aug. 7, 1915)


Max Linder, the popular French comedian, featured as the bridegroom whose mother-in-law is ever present. She insists on accompanying the young couple on their honeymoon. They go to the mountains to enjoy the winter sports. Max and his bride have a companion even when they go skating, coasting and skiing. The portly mother-in-law's attempts to perform these various feats produces a real hearty laughter. (Moving Picture World, Aug. 14, 1915)


An excruciatingly funny comedy with Max Linder playing a newly married husband who can't get rid of his mother-in-law, even though he flees to the Swiss Alps and takes his wife out on skate, skis and a bob-sled. The fat mother-in-law is a real comedienne. Her antics are bound to get a lot of laughs. The Swiss Alps make a beautiful background. (Moving Picture News, Aug. 7, 1915)