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Max manque un riche mariage

Weitere Titel: Max verfehlt eine reiche Heirat (D, Ö)/ A Good Chance Lost (UK)/ Shame on Max (USA) - Regie: (Lucien Nonguet) - Szenario: Max Linder - Kamera: Henri Stucker - Länge: 140m - s/w - Interpret: Max Linder - Produktion: Pathé Frères - Katalog-Nr.: 4033/Dez.10 - Drehzeit: vor Nov. 1910 - UA: 3. Dezember 1910 (Österreich, Auff. in „Rotenturm-Kino"/Wien am 10.12.1910) — Weitere Auff.: 3.2.11 (Paris/ Omnia Pathé)*


Max ist immer noch auf der Suche nach einer Braut und er wird mit einer liebenswürdigen Familie bekannt gemacht, die eine reizende Tochter besitzt. Als er zur Soirée gehen will, entdeckt er einen drohenden Riß auf dem Hinterteil seiner Hose. Er bessert sie so gut er kann aus, doch im Laufe des Abends wird er die Angst nicht los. Endlich, nach vielen aufregenden Erlebnissen entdeckt die Herrin des Hauses seinen Fehler und Max ergreift die Flucht unter allgemeinem Gelächter der Anwesenden. (Deutscher Lichtbildtheater-Besitzer, 5.1.1911)


Not much of a story perhaps, but something to suit Max Linder's particular line of endeavor. One finds enough drama in his action and presence which is a comedy of climax and conclusion in itself. In this case he desires to make an impression on a Miss Poole. Before he starts out he rips the seat of his trousers in tying his shoes. He mends them and start out. They burst forth again at the reception, and the amusement arises from his endeavor at concealment. At last he is discovered while he is tying Miss Poole's shoe latchet. (The New York Dramatic Mirror, Jun. 7, 1911)


Max, toujours à la recherche d’une fiancée, est mis en relation avec une aimable famille possédant une charmante fille à marier. Au moment de partir en soirée, le prétendant tout ému découvre une déchirure et une menaçante solution de continuité au fond de son pantalon. Il répare tant bien que mal l’accident, mais, au cours de la soirée, des émotions multiples accompagnent les présentations et son angoisse est portée à son comble pendant le bal. Enfin, après bien des péripéties où le pauvre Max se sent défaillir sous le ridicule qui pèse sur lui, le point qu’il met son honneur à cacher finit par se découvrir. La maîtresse de la maison y allume un pétard et Max s’enfuit au milieu d’une fusée de rires et d’étincelles. (Henri Bousquet, Catalogue Pathé des années 1896 à 1914, Bures-sur-Yvette, Editions Henri Bousquet, 1994-2004)




* Note: "... une partie comique confiée aux excellents Prince et Max Linder." (Comœdia, 7. Feb. 11) - Cinéma du "Petit Journal": 9. Feb. 1911. Remake de Mon pantalon est décousu (1908).

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Weitere Filmbeschreibungen/Kritiken:


Max gets an introduction to a family of Americans, and makes a careful toilet preparatory to responding to an invitation to an evening gathering. He makes the horrible discovery that a lacuna exists in a seam of his lower garment. Max does what he can to repair the damage with the aid of a needle and thread, but he feels very dubious of his handiwork. So much so, that in a cab he takes extreme care not to sit down. Amongst the ladies Max finds his fears vanish, but a sudden movement causes disaster. He conceals the catastrophe as well as he can - at first with a chair, and then his partner's fan. But his eccentric behavior arouses the curiosity of his hostess, and her skirmishing brings discovery and shame upon her guest. (The Bioscope, Dec. 15th 1910)


Max is about to make his first call upon a young lady, the daughter of distinguished parents, and he wants to make a good impression. As he dresses to go out, be stoops over to fix his shoe, and, horrors! He tears his trousers. Where? Well, in a most embarrassing place. He fixes them hurriedly, trusting to have his coat tails cover it, but alas, the coat is too short for this purpose. Nevertheless, he takes a chance, and, arriving at the house, has the butler make a close inspection. He seems to be all right, and enters, but when he bows to his hostess, he hears the sickening sound of tearing cloth, and knows that his patch has given way. Max hastily seats himself, and during the rest of the evening performs the most astounding feats to hide his terrible secret. How it was discovered and what happened is a scream. (The Film Index, May 27, 1911; The Billboard, Jun. 3, 1911; Moving Picture World, Jun. 3, 1911)


A rather dangerous topic is presented in this story which shows Max in an attempt to hide a huge rip in his trousers from the view of the guests at a very refined reception. His agony is well depleted and the film is really funny. (The Billboard, Jun. 17, 1911)