Translation of: Reseña del banquete, El mundo cinematográfico, 10. Oct. 1912

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Summary of the banquet

    This MAGAZINE could not omit their tribute to the real king of the movies, the brilliant and very popular actor Max Linder, during his visit to Barcelona, and wanting to show their feelings of affection and admiration, offered him the 25th of last September, a banquet served by the restaurant El Tibidabo, attended by many in Barcelona belonging to the class of cinematographers, who knows how much they owe to the inimitable genius of the great comic actor.

    Max Linder jubilantly accepted the treat. He wanted to be for a few hours in a proper environment, among his most loving and enthusiastic admirers, among the plethora of cultivators of modern art who have contributed and contribute both to cement its solid reputation.

    A caravan of cars departed from the Hotel Colon towards the lower station of the railway, where already waited almost all of the diner-guests. Our director made the introduction rituals.

    The menu was served with exquisite care, typical of such certified establishment, reigning during the meal, that frank warmth which characterized the tributes of affection, when it is well meaning and legitimate.

    There were toasts to avoid making endless speeches, only Max went easy at par with eloquent words to thank for the homage of the gathered there, to pay tribute to him, stating that he was not in a foreign country, but at home, they all lived the cinema, for which he has an intense passion.

    I have - he said - a real sympathy to the Barcelona public, which has been so kind to me. Barcelona is a beautiful city, with an ideal temperature, sky always blue, but a cloud has come to disturb my joy: the press, not wanting to take care of my exact commitments with the company, has criticized my work, when I didn't come for any other reason but to show the public what I do before the objectiv.

    The next year we will return, when the whole picture shall belong to me, not like this year when only came with me Mlle. Napierkowska, Mr. Vandenne and Mr. Delson.

    After lunch, the friend Rovira was the delight of the gathered there, imitating with grace, the gramophone, telephone, etc., Max Linder being very admiring of his perfect imitation.

    At half past four he said goodbye to the cinematographers, wishing to visit the Rabassada, and in his Hispano-Suiza car, favorite brand of Max Linder, we set off, getting to the Rabassada.


Presidencia del Banquete ofrecido a Max Linder

 Presidency of the banquet offered to  M A X  L I N D E R


The directors of this establishment accompanied him, showing all its different dependencies and attractions concerning all the thrills, of which he is very fond.

    At a very advanced hour we came to Barcelona.

    The house Pathé made some meters film that is featured in the Pathé Journal.

    Max Linder, was very pleased with the tour. No less so are we, for his condescension in accepting our entertainment, modest in relation to what we wanted to offer the admired actor, immeasurable by magnitude of the feeling that we had the idea, and, above all, for the assistance the cinematographers of Barcelona have lent us by joining in this act of sanity and love. (El mundo cinematográfico, Oct. 10, 1912)