The newspapers of Sunday, October 4, contained a cable dispatch from Paris announcing that Max Linder, the famous Pathe comedian, had telephoned in to Paris from a hospital stating that he had been only wounded, was recovering, and expected soon to return to the front. This of course is a refutal of a story of a few days prior, coming from Berlin by way of Rome, that the funmaker had been killed in the battle of the Aisne. At the Pathe offices in this city it was said there was absolutely no information other than that contained in the dispatches, and the belief was expressed that the first message was due to mistaken identity, Mr. Linder being as well known in Berlin as he is in Paris. The friends and admirers of the comedian will hope that the second report is authentic and that Mr. Linder's recovery is rapid and complete. (Moving Picture World, Oct. 17, 1914)