Max Linder Leaves for France

Celebrated Film Star Returns to His Native Country for

Complete Rest.



MAX LINDER, the famous Essanay comedian, who has been seriously ill here for several months, departed from Los Angeles on Monday, August 6th, and sailed for France on the 11th, taking passage on the steamer S. S. Espana. If the submarines don't get him he will soon be back in his beloved France.

   Mr. Linder had a serious nervous breakdown several months ago and has been very ill ever since. He suffered severely from exposure in the trenches and the wounds he received when fighting with the French at the, Marne. His stay in Chicago aggravated his condition and he went to California to recuperate. His health has improved considerably, but the comedian is still far from well. The trip to France and a complete rest for several months, his doctors believe, will put Linder on his feet again.

   V. R. Day, manager of the Los Angeles studios of the Essanay Film Company, and members of his staff escorted Mr. Linder to the depot. A number of his friends among the profession and representatives of the daily press were also present to bid the popular little Frenchman good-bye. Linder said he was sorry to leave beautiful California and his many friends there. He is expected to return in February next year and complete his contract with Essanay. (Moving Picture World, Aug. 25, 1917)

Bon voyage

Friends of Max Linder Wishing Him “Bon Voyage” on His Return

Trip to France [Source: Motion Picture News, Sep. 1, 1917]