Max Linder Arrives from Coast with

Print of New Production, "My Wife?"



MAX LINDER, who arrived in New York last week with Clarke Irvine, his personal representative, brought with him his new picture, "My Wife? " and immediately upon his arrival had an interview with Robertson-Cole with the result that he secured a release from his contract with that company to furnish a certain number of five-reel comedies each year.

   It has been rumored that the French star was to sign with Goldwyn, but Mr. Linder denied this in New York this week. His new film is said to be a huge scream, being a sort of DeMille-like production with gorgeous settings, ravishing women in more ravishing gowns, beautiful exteriors, and a cast of some note, including Alta Allen, who did so well opposite him in his first picture since the war, "Seven Years' Bad Luck," and which was released through R-C. Others in the picture are Lincoln Stedman, Caroline Rankin, Charles McHugh and Viora Daniels, Madame Rose Dione, and Pal, a pit bulldog star of much intelligence.

   After giving "My Wife? " its world premiere in New York, Linder and Irvine will return to the coast to begin production on the next story, which is already blocked out. It is laid in a far eastern capital, and with many beautiful women, atmosphere and the principals, moves westward to New York and Atlantic City, thence across to Los Angeles for the windup. While in New York the French star is enjoying a bit of a vacation, which he has not had for a year, the past twelve months in which he produced this new picture. (Moving Picture World, May 28, 1921)

MPW, May 28, 1921


The popular Frenchman, whose comedies

are universally known, and who is now

producing in California