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Mr. et Mme font du tandem

Weitere Titel: Die Herrschaft fährt Tandem (D, Ö)/ Mr. and Mrs. Jollygood go tandeming (UK, USA) - Länge: 85m - s/w - Interpret: André Deed - Produktion: Pathé Frères - Katalog-Nr.: 1970/Febr. 08 - Auff.: 28. Dezember 1907 (Cherbourg/ Salle des Enfants de Cherbourg) — Weitere Auff.: 14.3.08 (Mülheim/ Mülheimer Viktoria-Theater); 22.3.08 (Graz/ Grazer Bioskop)


The couple with the hilarious name decide, after having dined, to go out on their tandem bicycle. They start well, but in speeding over a bridge they upset two pedestrians, who make a high dive into the water. From this point they enter into a ride of destruction and catastrophe, upsetting first a masher of whom a damsel is trying to rid herself; they next ride into an old invalid who is being wheeled about in a chair, and the old gent, gaining his feet, runs after them; policemen are not invulnerable to this bicycle attack, and they next upset cart venders and an errand boy. They finally come to a sad ending, however, by riding off an embankment into a stream, from which they are fished out. A view an hour later shows them well bandaged and bruised, standing aghast at a bill for damages rendered by their victims. (Views and Films Index; Moving Picture World, Mar. 14, 1908)


Monsieur et Madame vont se promener en tandem, lui conduisant, elle pédalant. Mais en cours de route, ils sèment les catastrophes. Un couple d’amoureux assis sur le parapet d’un pont est jeté à l’eau; un employé portant des caisses de chapeaux tombe à terre avec eux; puis suivent un estropié, un garçon de café, un cycliste, etc. Tout le monde se met à la poursuite du tandem qui malencontreusement tombe dans la rivière où nos deux cyclistes sont rejoints. Après un passage à tabac, ils sont emmenés au poste et doivent de surplus payer les dégâts. (Henri Bousquet, Catalogue Pathé des années 1896 à 1914, Bures-sur-Yvette, Editions Henri Bousquet, 1994-2004)


Szenenfoto Mr. et Mme font du Tandem




Anmerkung: Lt. Juan Gabriel Tharrats in 'Los 500 Films de Segundo Chomón' könnte Max Linder die Rolle des Monsieurs gespielt haben. (Georges D’Acunto, Gilbert Sarradin "André Deed - Une Gloire du cinéma burlesque français de la Belle Époque") In einem überlieferten Aushangfoto ist er jedoch nicht erkennbar. - [Note: According to Juan Gabriel Tharrats in 'Los 500 Films de Segundo Chomón' Max Linder could have appeared in the role of Monsieur. (Georges D’Acunto, Gilbert Sarradin "André Deed - Une Gloire du cinéma burlesque français de la Belle Époque") He is however not visible in a lobby card of the film.]

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Weitere Filmbeschreibungen/Kritiken:


On what has been seen around town of the Pathe pictures, it would seem that when the Pathe people secure an idea for a comedy subject (perhaps others as well), they exhaust every avenue before stopping. "Mr. and Mrs. Jollygood" is an illustration. A man and woman start out on a tandem bicycle, and bowl over everyone in the way, the series becoming a "chaser," ending in the arrest of the riders. Their return home, and the expense account of the damage wrought, itemized and thrown on the sheet in statement form, is the finish. The picture has been well worked out. That is one big point in its favor. Also the comedy is there, though in no great laughable quantities, but it is a good film in its class, the difficulty being that persons familiar with moving pictures are able to guess the story the moment the couple mount the machine. In an instance like that, there, must be an overabundance of fun to offset the prior knowledge. The lecturer, or describer, at the Unique ought to be cautioned that a civilized person when speaking, even in a moving picture, does not make a noise resembling the growling of wild animals. The talk behind the sheet should be as intelligible as the man at the Manhattan makes it. Sime [Silverman]. (Variety, March 14, 1908)