Translation of: Max Linder vem ao Rio, A Noite, 22. Apr. 1913

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Max Linder

comes to Rio

The popular film actor is interviewed

by a journalist from Buenos Aires*


   A journalist of Buenos Aires has obtained from Max Linder an interview, which we will summarize.

   Max Linder told the journalist that he was born in Bordeaux. He was a child, neither terrible nor soft. He was like all children in his grade. Not too naughty, nor too cruel. Like his colleagues, he always had good grades. Of all the disciplines that he studied, what pleased him the most was literature. He loved the verses, novellas, and especially the snippets of theater, which he recited with great gestures and in a downright promising way. Dating back from there, are his first successes. The colleagues adored him. The teachers looked at him with suspicion.

   Completing the course, the father tried to direct the career. He preferred, however, the theater. There was opposition, domestic fights. He entered the theater. At first debuted as an amateur in the theatres of his region.

   At twenty years, he felt prepared enough to entertain the general public and left for Paris, debuting as performer at a café-concert. He explored all genres.

   At this time, having already achieved a certain notoriety, he was invited to represent the house Pathé for films. The strips at that time were only fifty meters or so. Artists who were apprehensive in putting their names on posters, hid under a nickname. But the audience, who knew him, found him. And when cinema was imposing itself on the public and the artists who "posed" for the films, began to advertise themselves with their own names, he imitated them. His popularity grew. And it's him, who creates the topics, writes the episodes and the auxiliaries it entails. Nowadays, scenes that unfold in film, are thousand meters.


   Max Linder is thirty years. He has no fixed domicile. Now he is in Paris, now in Egypt, now in Tokyo at the whim of your fantasies.

   Soon he will come to South America, lingering a few days in Rio de Janeiro, be attracted to the curiosity of their native beauties.


M. Max Linder

The comic Max Linder, universally known


   And unmarried, he would willingly be married, if he found a girl of his liking and who would be willing to follow his footsteps in this nomadic and adventurous life.

   Currently he earns 300,000 francs per annum.

   He is sleek, thin, distinguished, chivalrous and notably handsome - the journalist "porteño" ends his assessments about the priceless comic. (A Noite, 22.4.1913)






* The journalist „porteño“ most certainly is Javier Bueno, whose „Interview with Max Linder“ was published in CARAS Y CARETAS on Apr. 12, 1913.